Tuesday, July 1, 2008

open forum 15

Here it is again, the start of a brand new month and that means another open forum. It's your chance to ask a question that may have been niggling in the back of your mind: personal, atheist, homeschooling, whatever you can come up with.

You ask, I'll answer. :D

And heck, since Protium posts to this blog, you can ask him too. Can't promise he'll answer though. He's extremely busy, and a GOC to boot. But that's ok, 'cause I love him anyway. :)

Ready.... GO!


Xavier Onassis said...

OK, I'll kick this off. This thought has been rolling around in my noggin for a couple of days now.

First of all, you know I'm a firm evolutionist. No hocus pocus, just natural selection, billions of years and voila! Everything you see.

But, just playing a tiny bit of Devil's Advocate, just for fun, I pose the following question:

How is it possible that we can go blind by looking into the sun?

Wouldn't that weakness have been weeded out of the gene pool a long time ago?

Early people who looked into the sun would go blind, be unable to forage for food and die. Likely without reproducing. Who wants to mate with a blind australopithicine?

Why haven't we evolved eyeballs that are capable of looking into the sun without getting fried? It's there and present every day for billions of years. Even just the blinding glare of the sun can cause us to not see a predator (or a Fokker triplane) and lead to our death.

I know, I know...we didn't need to develop a better eyeball because we developed a level of intelligence that told us not to do stupid shit like looking directly into the fucking sun like that stupid, blind, mateless neanderthal over there.

But I'm just sayin.

Oh, and how come our dicks can't stay hard for longer than four hours without causing permanent damage.

Gotta be a hereditary survival skill in that. Like that harem of cavewomen surrounding your ass putting the smack down on any predators that came within half a mile.

These are questions that haunt me.

Fiery said...

Question 1- That's why jeebus invented Sun Glasses. HELLOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Question 2- You rub your inner thighs for 4 hours and see why evolution didn't give you a dick that would stay hard for a whole day. Any man that keeps it up that long got his arse drop kicked out of the cave and sent out to hump the sheep.

TraceyTreasure said...

What size shoe do you wear?

Fiery said...

I measure at an 8.5 but I always buy Reeboks 9.5


Poodles said...


Oh, and god knew that the missionaries would make men wear clothes that wouldn't fit if they walked around with a hard on all day.

Oh and my Fiery question...

What was your most favorite thing you did in OZ?

Poodles said...

Oh and for the question above, I mean with your clothes on...

Fiery said...

Before I left Oz I would have said kicking the footy in the park.

Now looking back on it, I'd have to say that the night of Friday the 13th in Perth rolling around Protium and Thumps floor was the best night in Oz.

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Woo Hoo that was certainly a great night, always be remembered!! but the meetup night was a doozy as well because the 'speaker' was so fantabulous, although I wont go into the food that you and I both decided to have that night ugh!!!

Fiery said...

Spelunking through that pork belly looking for a bit of meat almost made me a vegetarian. *gack*

Protium said...

OH! I see... You both said YES when I said "Chef said Pork Belly is good"...

XO... I was thinking that the evolution of human senses has been a short while compared to the billions of years to get to the species, and our technological intelligence perhaps slowed our natural selection. Perhaps if we didn't invent sunglasses we would have evolved filtering flaps over our eyes :)

Wish I had filtering flaps over my ears sometimes, that would be very cool and perhaps a variable level of filtering on my olfactory system so I can turn off disgusting perfumes some people soak themselves in ;-)

Fiery said...

Don't think either of us had ever had pork belly before. We both said yes, we both regret.

Live and learn I always say.

I should have had the fish. Never went wrong with fish in Australia.

Richard said...

Eyelids is an awesome answer! I suggest that selective pressure is for the retina to be very sensitive with respect to food, predators etc. Looking at the sun has zero value.

And they can so stay hard for more than four hours without permanent damage! What on earth are you trying to do with yours?

P.S. I think the shoe size question was for XO. ;-)