Thursday, July 24, 2008

A challenge from Richard

Forest Gump said, "Life is like a box of chocolates".

I won't finish that dippy quote any further, I just want to think about chocolate.

I love chocolate. I always have.

In the movie "Chocolat" it is said that quality chocolate melts at body temperature.


That's such a nice thought.

I've had several memorable chocolate bars.

The first was in high school. I thought it was going to last much longer then it actually did. Spent the longest time just sniffing it, hadn't even taken a nibble when all of a sudden it gets yanked from my hand and some jerk walks away with it. I never saw that chocolate bar again. Although I quickly moved on to other chocolate, it took me a long time to recover from the shock of the abrupt finish to that one.

The second chocolate bar started out fantastic. MMMMMmmmm so yummmy, everything I thought I wanted in a chocolate bar, melts at body temperature, just the right amount of milky creamy goodness, makes you want to hold it on your tongue and let it dissolve slowly as your gently swirl the taste around. But occasionally I would hit parts that didn't belong there. This juxtaposition of yumminess and yuckiness made me start associating bad things with the chocolate itself and pretty soon it was no longer satisfying my cravings.

My last chocolate bar.... OMG. I didn't even know a single chocolate bar could come in so many flavors. All in one bar. It was like those Hershey bars with all those little squares, except each one was different. All that savory goodness of "dear jebus don't ever let this end" wonderfulness was overwhelming. I didn't even know I would enjoy some of the flavors mixed into this chocolate bar, but everything I tasted made me want more.

I just wanted to sink my teeth into it and feel that chocolate melting on the roof of my mouth. But I bit too deeply and got a zap from the tinfoil instead. Another time in my over eagerness to get to the next flavor I got a bit of paper instead. In frustration, I pulled back and looked down, I'd been licking the wrapper the entire time.

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Half rabbit said...

Great post, especially since I read it while eating extra chocolatey ice cream with chunks of chocolate+choc-chips in it. :)