Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hat Tip to the Kids' Dad!!!!

Last Tuesday my laptop spazzed out and the colors went all wonky. Basically every instance of black was represented by glittery green. Now imagine the front of my blog with the text set in a field of happy snappy leprechaun green- sparkling like the 4th of July.


Fortunately, the stupid POS is still under warranty. Called up, talked with the techie and he said, "Yep, it needs work, we'll send you shipping materials, you send it to us and we'll get you taken care of. Got the box Friday, mailed it Monday.

PANIC TIME!!! I do NOT want to be without Internet access for most of the week. What would I do without my daily fix of you guys??????

The Kids' Dad spent most of his days off (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) working at getting me back up and running. Up to and including re-installing Windows on my daughter's computer because the Network portion was completely non-functional.

After many hours of effort and more than a little frustration, I've got access!!!!!

Thank you very much! Saying it is a life saver is over-stating it, but not by much.



Half rabbit said...

Hey, what a coincidence I was without internet too. :)

But three days to reinstall windows? That seems like an awfully long time. Are you sure you didn't distract him with your fieryness?

Fiery said...


I didn't tell the story very well. Day 1 was several hour with tech support and their promise to send out a technician. Which didn't happen and tomorrow I'll call to make sure he doesn't show up.

Day 2 was attempting to get the USB cable to connect the DSL modem to the computer instead of the hopped up phone cord.

Day 3 was "fuck it" nothing is working let's reinstall windows. That took about 2.75 hours and was finishing up right as we were heading into town.