Tuesday, July 15, 2008

the importance of shade

This was the temperature in the sun this morning at 9:15am. YOWZA!!!

I only put this up because I know certain shivery individuals who would LOVE for it to be this temp where they are at.

Crazy Aussies.


Joe said...

Its not just crazy Aussies that look for the heat. I'm going to Palm Springs week after next to play golf in the 115 degree heat. What's worse, or better in my view, is that its the most fun golf around, when you're the only crazy one on the course in the middle of the day.

Johnny said...

Gotto admit although I much much prefer the heat that's pretty fucking hot for quarter past nine in tha morning....... shivers oh I mean swelters.

Half rabbit said...

Whats wrong with that therometer. It only goes up to 50c.

*smakes head* what is the world coming to where someone called Fiery complains about heat at 40%. It's going to get a lot hotter in hell girl. (sorry hyped up on orange juice (no, not a slang for anything) and it's 12:30pm so I must joke)

Fiery said...

Joe- All I can say is "drink... more.... water...." lol Do you get the Aquafina commercial down in California? Or is that a Midwest thing?

Johnny- yep, that was hot. That poor ole thermometer was directly in the sun and baked up right thoroughly. Good thing that wasn't the ambient temperature or I'd still be a liquid.

Half Rabbit- *snerk* I'm Fiery because I combust easily. Doesn't take much. In fact, anything over 30*C or a lick on the ear and I'm up in flames. ;)