Tuesday, July 29, 2008


because FUCK THEM!!!! That's why!!!!!!!

How to Spot A Gay Terrorist....

Be on the look out for...
Osama Bin Shoppin'


Do you know what shits me about "muslims"? That they demand and GET respect because they are willing to die for their "beliefs". They are willing to strap on a suicide bomb and blow themselves to "heaven" hoping for 72 (is it 72? how many unsexed individuals are they hoping for again?) virgins to meet them at the pearly gates.

Well fuck that and fuck Islam.


TraceyTreasure said...

You crack me up!!

Christine said...

ROFL!! That was funny! And who said it was 72 FEMALE virgins??? Maybe the gay terrorist would be happier that way! LOL!

Fiery said...

Christine, what a beautiful name! That is my given middle name. :D

There is a comedian, Jeff Dunham, who works with puppets including Achmed the dead terrorist who expressed JUST such a sentiment. What if the virgins aren't all girls???

What a kick in the no-no parts THAT would be.

Welcome to my blog! :)

Richard said...

ghastly guy, blech.