Friday, July 18, 2008

a rose is a rose



The project formerly known as Area 51 will now be called "Homey Airport". If you should be questioned by the press your response, as always, is "No Comment."

End Memo


Do they think they will put off UFO buff's with that little ruse?


Poodles said...

Ok, I have been out to Area 51 (or as close as you can get without getting shot) and they really should call it "Whitey Airport". Homey just doesn't apply.


T&A said...

That's because they moved the real Area 51 is in Utah. If this is the case, I couldn't think of a more appropriate place to put it!

Harry Nads said...

Oh boy, let the conspiracy theorists' blogs start rolling.

Do any of you out there really believe in aliens visiting us from other worlds/dimensions?

Fiery said...

I'd have to say I'm agnostic when it comes to aliens. I've heard convincing arguments both ways. I find that statistically it boggles the mind that life hasn't evolved elsewhere. Whether that life has visited here, I have yet to see hardcore evidence. But... it may be out there. :)

And that's my Charlie Brown wishy washy opinion of the day.

Poodles said...

I am a lot like Fiery in that I think it is much more probable that there is other life in this vast universe than there is a god.

I am however, completely fascinated by all things alien. Why? I don't know, probably just the nerd in me. I like hearing the stories and conspiracies. I don't believe most of it. The rest I think is mistaken ID. By that I mean, I think "UFO" sightings are exactly that, unidentified flying objects, being tested by your local government.