Friday, July 25, 2008

first thing to make me laugh today

I Hate To Cook Book (aka 100 uses for canned creamed soups.) Part of one recipe: "While heating, light a cigarette and stare sullenly at the sink." With Hilary Knight illustrations.

BWAHAHAAHHAHAHA While I don't smoke, I do resent cooking about that much. And the idea of standing there sullenly staring at the sink waiting for the stupid soup to get good and steamy. *SNERK*

Sounds like my kind of cookbook! Similar to the Cake Doctor book (an absolute must have if you often find yourself having to bring round a desert.) WTF am I pimping THAT book for? Don't know. But I always do.

That and talking to parents about giving their children the condom talk. Even Richard can attest to that one, I've already harassed him on the subject. Scared him witless too. And rightfully so, parents that don't teach their kids about condoms... [insert XO style put down and snarky criticism].

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TraceyTreasure said...

I hate cooking too!! I must pick up a copy and some canned soup!! :) Have a great weekend, Fiery!! Hugs!!