Thursday, July 17, 2008

6 Pack Autobiography Meme

The premise: write your own 6 word autobiography

This idea was started at, continued in a book "Not Quite What I Was Planning" by Rachel Fershleiser and Larry Smith, and noticed by me in a Reader's Digest article called "Six Words That Say it All."

- Brought it to a boil, often. ~Mario Batail, chef
- Couldn't cope, so I wrote songs. ~Aimee Mann, singer/songwriter
- Maybe you had to be there. ~Roy Blount, Jr., humorist
- Struggled with how the mind works. ~Steven J. Pinker, psychologist
- Secret to life: Marry an Italian. ~Nora Ephron, writer/director
- Fifteen years since last professional haircut. ~Jane Goodal, anthropologist
- Well, I thought it was funny. ~Stephen Colbert, actor & host: Colbert Report
- Revenge is living well, without you. ~Joyce Carol Oates, author
- Yes, you can edit this biography. ~Jimmy Wales, founder of wikipedia

Now... it's our turn. I was mucking about with the idea and came up with a couple of fake ones as well as one for myself. I want you to join the fun. That means you Jacob, Sean the Blogonaut, Joe, Reed, Poodles, Atilla the Mom, XO, Richard, Protium, Johnny, T&A, OzAtheist, Harry Nads, Thump Thump Eyes, Tracey Treasure, and Half Rabbit. And anyone else reading my blog who isn't a regular commenter.

Sum up your life in 6 words. Ya never know, ya just might learn something about yourself.

6 Pack Autobiographies.... Fiery Style :)

- I came, I lied, I's crucified. ~Jesus, 1st century carpenter

- May the force be with you. ~George Lucas, creator of Star Wars

- Life and sex, journey not destination. ~Fiery, blogger and mother of 2

- I came, I saw, didn't logout. ~Half Rabbit, blogger

- Problems all the way, none today. ~Thump Thump Eyes, blogger and dear friend. :)

- What an adventure, only getting better. ~Joe, blogger

- Hiding in shadows, awaiting right time. ~Harry Nads, blogger and closet bound

Now, if you want to spread the joy on your own blog, copy paste the thing and let the good times roll! *snerk*

Thanks for playing! :D


Half rabbit said...

I don't have much time so mine is rushed. Here it is anyway

Thump Thump Eyes said...

I thought long and hard, and this is all that came up...

"Problems all the way, none today"

Loved the jeebus one....haaaaaaa


Joe said...

"What an adventure, only getting better"

Fiery said...

Thanks you guys!!!

Half Rabbit- I'd love to hear about your "didn't logout" adventures.

Thump- I'm rather fond of the Jeebus one myself, damn near wrenched me shoulder patting meself on the back for that one. *snerk* Glad to hear that today is clear sailing. :)

Joe- that is a fabulous autobiography. What a great stage of your life to be at. You rock! :)

Harry Nads said...

Hiding in shadows, awaiting right time.

Fiery said...

I hope your time in the shadows is shorter than you expect. Don't let it darken the light of reason that sparks so brilliantly within you.

~Thus blesses the Phoenix


Traceytreasure said...

I came, I saw, I went...

Live, love, learn, then Love self...

Party hard, sober up, boring life..

Excellent but
Dead Momster (that's 8 but that's what I want on my urn)

Work, play, learn, create then heal

Educate self as to finding happiness...

Sorry I saw this so late, When you did the post, I had nothin'