Sunday, February 26, 2012

You Tube censors religious hate speech

You Tube has changed their policy regarding video content. According to You Tube,

We encourage free speech and defend everyone's right to express unpopular points of view. BUT we don't permit hate speech (speech which attacks or demeans a group based on race or ethnic origin, RELIGION, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity). emphasis mine.

Ummmm, shit. Most of the atheist videos I like on You Tube can be qualified as attacks against a religion and certainly they would be seen as demeaning. That's the whole bloody point. Calling bullshit when you seeing it saying, "LOOK, BULLSHIT!"

Do you think this goes both ways? Rick Perry's speech about how the GAYS ARE SERVING OPENLY IN THE MILITARY will that be removed as hateful and demeaning?

Thunderf00t had 4 of his videos taken down as having inappropriate content.

The 4 hate filled videos can be downloaded here:

The BEST emotional PORN

Draw Mohammad Day 2... NEEDS YOU!

Amenakin, Censorin' For Islam

Osama bin Laden- Shot in Head!

This video:

If this remains their policy and the quality atheist content gets shut down in favour of drunks falling down (isn't that demeaning?) and ass clowns wearing religious togs demanding the death of those who criticize them (hate much?), then the question becomes, where will the good videos be posted?

Monday, February 6, 2012

In case of SOPA or ACTA



that's why.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

sometimes ya just gotta let em now how ya feel


This clip caught my eye whilst flicking through Memebase. "Movie middle fingers". And son of a bee it had all my favourite finger moments including Wolverine's to Cyclops. What's not to love?