Thursday, January 29, 2009

357 Magnum

1 oz Vodka (Smirnoff)
1 oz Rum (Captain Morgan's)
Add 1 or 1 1/2 oz Amaretto (to taste)
Fill with 7-Up

Mixing instructions:
Pour vodka and rum over ice. Add 7-up and stir. Add Amaretto (without stirring) and enjoy.

omg. WOW. This drink, served with cheese and crackers before dinner, made my tongue numb 1/4 of an inch into it (less than a centimeter) and by 1/2 the drink I was laughing hysterically.

Yay for dinner and a drink with Mom and Dad! :D

Drink courtesy of the Webtender.
Haven't laughed that hard since Perth with the bog roll incident.

I know men can have moobs.
But I never thought about the mipples getting hard.

With this drink, that word... mipples... is pee your pants funny.



Did you know that if you

- go out drinking with a friend,
- plan on staying out until about 2 am, and
- pack an overnight bag so that in case of significant inebriation you can sleep over at your friend's house...

not only can you acquire HIV, but you are also being a bad role model for your children????? Seriously!!! That's what Macaroni said!!!!

I had no idea you could acquire HIV this way. But, according to Macaroni in a comment on this post, drinking until 2 am and spending the night with a friend is the best life-style for spreading HIV.

I am just... stunned beyond words.

I thought HIV was spread through intimate contact with bodily fluids of somebody infected with HIV. I don't have it. She doesn't have it. And we're not going to be exchanging bodily fluids of any kind. But apparently, I am spreading HIV. Or could be.

Who knew?

And planning ahead to avoid drinking and driving is an example of being a bad role model?


This has been a public service announcement courtesy of Macaroni. Be careful out there. HIV is lurking around the corner and can ruin the most innocent of outings. Maybe I should stay home and pray to the man who ran around wearing a bathrobe consorting exclusively with 12 men for 3 years.

HAHAHAHA!!!... Macaroni is a fuckwit who has missed the mark so completely in judging me as to be utterly ludicrous.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

safe arrival

Howdy all!!!!

Arrived safely after a looooong drive across North Dakota. Saw this beautiful sunset. Unfortunately the flaws in the windshield marred the beauty of the photo. It actually looks better in thumbnail than it does full blown. Don't we all? *snerk*

Then when I was pulling out of town and heading out to my parents farm, I noticed some of the local whitetail deer population grazing in the local baseball field. WOW!!!!!!! Never seen that many in one spot before.

Went out for lunch with my friend today, had a great time chatting about family and kids and such. And she said she wants to close down the bars on Friday, which means out til 2am. Will have to nap and pack an overnight bag for just in case. :D Ladies Night Out HERE WE COME!!!!

Found these videos on YouTube and thought you'd enjoy them. The first is an example of the tactics fundies use when addressing non believers.
Sound familiar???

The second is a sample so you can see their tactics in action.

Was also on the brand new AFA Forum, it's been up and running for better than a month now and saw this little gem.

Oh am I tempted to try this myself.

Hope to catch up on some blog reading tomorrow.

Monday, January 26, 2009

off to Montana again

As those of you who follow me on Twitter already know, I'm off to Montana tomorrow morning early. Had about an hour to pack today and got... some of it done. Most of the rest is just bathroom stuff or throw it in at the last minute stuff.

Take me along!

Me too!!!!!

Sorry guys, but you two and my daughter are all 3 staying home.

Have already got a Ladies Night Out scheduled for Friday- stay tuned on Twitter for drunk tweeting. Also, if I get my TwitPics account set up properly, you might even have drunken twitpics. OHHHHH The fun continues!!!!!!!!!!

Why can't I just use my normal twitter account? Because my smegging phone won't make the underline symbol. It will display it, but there's no way to type it. AARRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Off to see if the library has a copy of God Delusion for a second read. Selfish Gene is checked out and now I'v reserved it. Little light reading for the trip yoh!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why do people laugh at creationists?

by ThunderfOOt

Intelligent Design and Creationism is complete and utter bollocks.

Oh- and the fundy douche-nozzle in the video is VenomFangX

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I've seen the love of the Lord

And I found it in the evangelical Reborn in Christ Christian Church, in the Sao Paulo suburb of Cambuci in Brazil.

7pm. 400+ people have gathered to sing praises to Almighty God.

Praise be to the True One who, in his infinite wisdom and mercy, chose that time to allow the roof to collapse upon those who love him.

Yes, the Lord has smote the worshippers at the Reborn in Christ Christian Church killing at least seven worshipers and injuring 57 others.

A spokesman for the fire service run by the state's military police said "we fear there are more bodies" buried under the debris.

Apparently when the worshippers saw the stone slabs of the roof and the metal support girders toppling in on them, they had a crisis in faith and chose NOT to trust the Lord their God with their future.

"There was a huge noise and then people started running everywhere. I saw a lot of people hurt, a lot of panic, screams and chaos ... then there were various efforts to save the people trapped under the rubble," one man who survived told Brazilian media.

Silly Christians. It was by God's hand that the building was smote and you along with it. You are defying God by running around trying to escape his diving judgement.

Why was the Lord pissed at these 400 worshippers?

Its founders, Estevao and Sonia Hernandes, have built an extensive media empire. They have also come under suspicion from authorities of using the church for money laundering, and were arrested in Miami in 2007 for money smuggling.

I've seen the love of the Lord. His justice is swift. His mercy...

leave room for the wrath of God; for it is written, "Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord. And he did.

Praise be to God.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

how to get stoned without marijuana

Consume one serving of your favorite alcoholic beverage. (Rabbit- drink 3 tall glasses of oj)

And then watch this while letting your mind drift and your eyes lose focus.

See!!!! Totally trippin' man. Far out!

Somehow I don't think he meant the footage to be used that way, but.

blah blah blah said the fundy

The fundy is playing hide and seek. See if you can pick which one posts on my blog.
Guess the fundy.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jack Frost's Speedo

This is the window in the back door (which happens to be in my bedroom) that leads to a small uninsulated entry way.

FUCK it's cold out.

It's currently -24*F/-34*C. Colder than a Yeti's titty out there.

Judgement Day

Christians criticize others for being judgemental. In their eyes it is a sin, for does not their holy book say, in Matthew 7:1-2
1 Judge not, that ye be not judged.
2 For with what judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

But what exactly does it mean to judge something? A quick google search turned up this at

1. a decision formed after careful consideration
2. the verdict pronounced by a court of law
3. the ability to make critical distinctions and achieve a balanced viewpoint:

Doesn't sound like a bad thing to me. Making a decision after carefully considering the facts? The Horror!!!!!! Being capable of making distinctions between facts and fiction, between truth and fantasy. Dear God we wouldn't want THAT. Judging MUST be evil. One can see why God would forbid such behavior. You've eaten of the fruit of the tree of knowledge? You are capable of judging good from evil? Get the fuck out of my garden! Strange how they were punished for a sin that they were incapable of using their judgemental faculty on BEFORE they sinned. But that's another rant.

Let's pause for a moment to consider (and by consider I mean judge) the illogical bullshit of a #2 Fundy Believer Christian in his own words.

Glob said, Fiery was the one who started judging, see original post.
Did Glob really just use the "she started it" defense?
Also, he says "judging" like it's a bad thing.
Furthermore, this sentence hints that his own upcoming judgemental behavior is excused by mine.

I was just going to have a little fun,
Glob's first appearance on my blog since banning was
Timestamp Tuesday, 13 January, 2009 10:53 AM
He writes... Fiery, YOU kicked me off your site. Not your followers.

Yeah, I'm all set to have fun after that remark. Especially as the only reference to kicking that I made was to Sisyphus Fragmnt in this comment... Fundies on my blog don't end up sticking around long. I'd like to take credit, but it's not me, it's the great people that read my blog who stand up, take no prisoners, and kick the shit out of their putrid whiney little arguments.

As you can see, I never said that the people who read my blog kicked fundies off. Just that they kicked the shit out of their arguments. And apparently Glob sees himself in this description. How many times do YOU remember, oh faithful followers of the Holy Ewok, Glob saying that he was going to not come back any more or not debate an issue any more only to have him turn up again like a bad case of herpes? At least 3 times. *rolls eyes* Yes I banned Glob. Because he was insulting people without contributing anything even remotely meaningful to the discussion.

Or perhaps he was referring to the hint he dropped at having his list of "types of Atheists". Apparently this was to be a fun list, but ended up being "Me: the cult leader, followers of the holy Ewok, and an angry atheist". I'm pretty sure there are more atheists then me and my "followers"

I see you to have judged me to be a judgemental Christian.
Nope I judged you to be a fundy. And by your actions you shall be known.

I would judge myself as a true believer, thanks XO.
Comprehension of XO's comment by Glob- FAIL

I disagree with the don't judge, it is impossible for anyone to "not" judge.
So why were his first words in this comment along the lines of she started it? If a child is voluntarily following an older sibling's lead and going to bed early and the parent discovers them, the younger child doesn't point to the older sibling and say "she started it!"

XO created his own type of Christian and illustrated the futility in being non-judgemental. I thought Glob embraced XO's definition of a true believer, to the point of wanting to be known as one. And it's futile to be Non-judgemental, which suggests a pointless struggle against something that he thinks is impossible to not be.

Glob makes my head hurt. And not in a "you made me think" kind of way.

Yep, it's Judgement Day Glob, and you've been found a FUNDY and not a True Believer as defined by XO.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A wee bit nippy

Aye! That's the sight that greeted me eyes this fine morning. Set the alarm for 8am and after a vigorous round of Tweeting during a hideous bout of insomnia (thanks OzA and Reed) and 3 hours of sleep, I rolled out of bed.

SHIT! I forgot to plug the car in. Fortunately when I was home for Xmyth my Dad put a new battery in my car. It was sluggish to start, but it STARTED! The other would have whimpered and refused.

Dad rocks!

It's my son's birthday today and we're having a 2 day celebration. Today was bean casserole (a favorite of his), pumpkin pie (a favorite) and a family movie (Superman Returns, which he got for xmyth). Tomorrow it's going out to eat (probably Pizza Ranch), opening presents and eating the cake. I can't believe he's 12!!!!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Three Types of Christians

There are three types of christians.

1- Sunday Believers- those who believe because they grew up that way. It's all they have ever known and they don't want to hear any views to the contrary. (My parents). Challenging their beliefs makes them sad, like you've kicked a puppy.

These are the ones who go to church on Sunday, have bibles and devotional books laying around the house, but rarely look at them. They are well meaning people, the backbone of the church. The salt of the earth folk. These are the sweet ones like Joyce and Wineymamma et all who show up on atheist blogs wanting to have nice conversations, but who can't tolerate us playing smear the queer with Glob and Macaroni. They want to agree to disagree.

2- Fundy Believers- those who believe because they've had some kind of conversion experience and feel blessed by the Holy Spirit. There is NO talking or rationalizing with these people. Head in ground, fingers in ears, LA LA LA I can't hear you!!!! JESUS LOVES ME!!!!

These are the ones who search out atheist blogs to leave their little shit stains on it. Who will start arguments, debates, discussions, but the minute their views are disproven (for the 10,000th time) they leave. Often saying "I'm going and not coming back", although FEEDJIT says that they do.

3- Power Hungry Believers- those in power in the churches/cults. They don't believe their bullshit, they're just in it for the power and control over their flock. They talk the talk, walk the walk (in public) and deny themselves very few if any of the worldly pleasures their position has to offer. (The Pope's golden chalices, incredible works of art, making decisions that effect people around the world. Oh yeah, he's a humble follower of christ.)

These are the really evil cunts. They know there isn't a god and they don't care. They revel in the power over people's lives and the untold wealth of the churches they command. Where's the proof? Do you honestly think anybody that believes Jesus is the way truth and the light can touch a 6 year old's private parts in an aggressively sexual manner? No. Sick repressed bastards.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

god prefers atheists

Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles

Why? Because we don't bother him with prayer requests. We get off our arses and get things done.

As Sean says, 2 hands helping get more accomplished than 1000 folded in prayer. Except he says it way better, and I can't remember how he puts it.

Monday, January 5, 2009

do you visit christian blogs

First of all let's define Christian blog- a blog written about somebody who
- talks about their walk with the Lord
- posts about biblical topics as if they are automatically factual
- writes regularly about their experiences as a christian

Do I visit those blogs? No.

Have I ever visited them? Not regularly, only upon the odd occasion and certainly not recently.

Ok, why not? Because I don't care what they have to talk about. I'm not interested in their life in the arms of Jesus, I don't care if they found wood shards on Mt. Ararat, and I am not interested in engaging them in any sort of discourse on their beliefs on creationism, intelligent design, or evolution.

And I certainly don't want to talk to them about the way they raise their children, the role they feel women should play in the family, or who should be legally allowed to get married.

What I cannot understand is why people like Reg Golb and Murkurios show up on my blog in the first place. They consider themselves staunch believers and thus not interested in genuine understanding of an atheist viewpoint.

I have no time for people like that and I am not interested in what they think.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

two talking cats

The videos total two minutes in length WHEN COMBINED. So be a sport and watch 'em. :)

Watch this first one, enough to get the idea. Or the whole thing, ya lazy sod it takes all of 1 minute to watch.

Now watch this one.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Brilliant interpretation of what cats say to each other.

What? Don't you speak cat?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

blast from the past

Awwww look at that poor heart, all battered and bruised.

That heart wasn't born looking that way. And do you know who is responsible for it?

I am.

That's right. My heart. My responsibility.

Six months almost to the fucking day after the dreaded phone call saying, "I just want to be friends", 3.5 months after the last email, I hear from him.

And how do I feel about that? Quivery. Fluctuating between anger and sadness, regret and something else.

And I find myself wondering, what in the world is he even doing on my blog? And why respond now after all the heart broken posts in the past, why now does he choose to respond to this one?

I wonder how many times I've written about this since July 1st? Let's see....


Ya know, I was going to go back through every post and link to each one where I had discussed this. But.... I just can't be arsed.


The one that I will find, that sums it up best is that post I did with all the music videos.....

Fuck it. I'll just repost the relevant bits here with new links since one looks to be dead.

The first music video- how I thought he felt about me.
(I used to love this song. Was my absolute favorite. Now it makes me sick and I never listen to it.)

The second music video- how I felt when he ended it.
(Listened to this song over and over and over. The angst. A perfect match.)

The third music video- the lesson I spent 6 months learning

Of all the heart broken posts I've put up, he responds now. And I don't know why. Why did this post compel him to step up and put his two cents back in the pool? I know he doesn't give two shits what anyone else on the planet thinks of him. Curious.

And now that I posted my reply to him in the comments section... now that I've written this blog post about it...

How do I feel?

YAY ME!!!!!! :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thought for 2009

2008 was the year of many relationship breakups for a rather startling number of fellow bloggers, myself included. (I'm sure the rest of the world did just fine.) In honor of mine and yours (or someone you know) I leave you with this thought.

"Remember, if the man was too mellheidit to value the gift of your love, then he's nae the man you thought he was. You deserve better. ~Geralyn Dawson

In fact, you deserve someone who will cherish your love and treat it like the precious gift that it is. May 2009 be the year you find that someone.

What will happen in 2012?

Tracey Treasure popped up on my open forum and asked What do you believe will happen in 2012? Anything? Do you believe it'll be our last year?

Tracey- there have been, and always will be, doom sayers that are waiting for the world to come crashing down on us. But until whatever killed the dinosaurs happens to us, the human race will continue. Regimes change, dictators are over thrown, armies march, and winds blow. But always, tomorrow is another day. We'll get through somehow. It might not be pretty. It probably won't be easy. .... oh god. I feel a song from the 80's coming on.

open forum 20

Happy New Year to everybody. Welcome to 2009.

For those new to my blog, an Open Forum is your chance to ask me personal questions, impersonal questions, impertinent questions, off topic questions.... well you get the idea.

And can you believe I forgot last month? Yeah, I didn't notice until just now either. HEH!

I promise to take better care of my blog in 2009. 8-}