Wednesday, January 28, 2009

safe arrival

Howdy all!!!!

Arrived safely after a looooong drive across North Dakota. Saw this beautiful sunset. Unfortunately the flaws in the windshield marred the beauty of the photo. It actually looks better in thumbnail than it does full blown. Don't we all? *snerk*

Then when I was pulling out of town and heading out to my parents farm, I noticed some of the local whitetail deer population grazing in the local baseball field. WOW!!!!!!! Never seen that many in one spot before.

Went out for lunch with my friend today, had a great time chatting about family and kids and such. And she said she wants to close down the bars on Friday, which means out til 2am. Will have to nap and pack an overnight bag for just in case. :D Ladies Night Out HERE WE COME!!!!

Found these videos on YouTube and thought you'd enjoy them. The first is an example of the tactics fundies use when addressing non believers.
Sound familiar???

The second is a sample so you can see their tactics in action.

Was also on the brand new AFA Forum, it's been up and running for better than a month now and saw this little gem.

Oh am I tempted to try this myself.

Hope to catch up on some blog reading tomorrow.


Thump Thump Eyes said...

Loved the sunset, and the dear deers, you said they were grazing, what could they graze on in the snow?

Have a good nite out matey :)

I'll have to watch the vids later...

Joe said...

I poached with credit. And, watch out for those prairie deer. We hit one that came out of nowhere back in the day. Off the hood and right over the passenger compartment. Made a mess of the car and the deer. Took my first ride in an ambulance that day.

Fiery said...

Cheers Thump!! :D

Under the snow, lies the grass, still nommable. ;D And with much less snow to paw through than the several feet that is blanketing much of the prairie for mmmiiiilllleeessssss around.

Apparently the dear have decided town is easy picking.

Joe- Thought you'd get a kick out of that one. I was chuckling to myself hours later. In fact, I still am.

Hear ya on the prairie deer. They are positively suicidal sometimes, absolutely HURLING themselves in front of your vehicle for no reason. Apparently they figure cars are like Etch-A-Sketch and if they go passed you, they erase all that yummy food on the other side of the road. "Must... get... there... firs..... SPLAT!"

Traceytreasure said...

Hey Fiery, hope you have a wonderful Ladies Nite!! Have one for me!! Toast to good health, good friends, clean windshields, ShitBeGone and AWESOME videos and bumper stickers!! LOL!!


Makarios said...

Ya, you go girl. Pack an overnight bag and role model for your kids the best life-style for spreading HIV.

Thump Thump Eyes said...

mmmmm nommable grass...frozen of course just how they like it :)

We have a road problem in the country with kangaroos, some of which are over 6 feet tall, if you are unlucky enough to hit one they can do some serious damage to your car...or yourself as they usually smash through the wind screen. They seem mesmerised by the headlights and will leap at fast traveling cars...scary stuff ka-boing ka-boom!!