Monday, January 5, 2009

do you visit christian blogs

First of all let's define Christian blog- a blog written about somebody who
- talks about their walk with the Lord
- posts about biblical topics as if they are automatically factual
- writes regularly about their experiences as a christian

Do I visit those blogs? No.

Have I ever visited them? Not regularly, only upon the odd occasion and certainly not recently.

Ok, why not? Because I don't care what they have to talk about. I'm not interested in their life in the arms of Jesus, I don't care if they found wood shards on Mt. Ararat, and I am not interested in engaging them in any sort of discourse on their beliefs on creationism, intelligent design, or evolution.

And I certainly don't want to talk to them about the way they raise their children, the role they feel women should play in the family, or who should be legally allowed to get married.

What I cannot understand is why people like Reg Golb and Murkurios show up on my blog in the first place. They consider themselves staunch believers and thus not interested in genuine understanding of an atheist viewpoint.

I have no time for people like that and I am not interested in what they think.



Traceytreasure said...

I awarded you the Honest Scrap Award! Please pick it up when you get a chance!

I love your honesty!!


Joe said...

I don't go by the Jesus places either. Just another waste of bandwidth.

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Do I visit these blogs?
I sometimes stumble across them, and then have a brief look around, or someone will post a link to something saying its their 'proof' that something in their argument is I'll always have a laugh at those.

Generally they're all talking such a load of indescribably codswalloppy dribble...and its so totally opposite to how I see it...I cant stand it for too long.

I think both Reg and Murkurios have clearly exhibited that they think they are totally superior to any atheist, anywhere. They have all the 'right' answers on the tips of their tongues and are truly confident they 'know' everything they think and say is the truth, so help me bob ;)

So, then, oh ho ho, what do they do with all that confidence? Well, they scour the atheist blogs for what 'must' be vulnerable people to 'their' way of thinking. With all that overload of faith based confidence they're compelled by that very faith to try their luck in the conversion stakes. Good place to start, with the atheists, because, for gods sake, no one is even trying to save their souls!

I would hope that overblown confidence is somewhat shattered! They're so one-eyed its fabulous to see them get a serve! lol

Harry Nads said...

I used to frequent a few fundy blogs. Then I realized how crazy it can make you because they don't have a reasoning bone in their body. No common sense, no ability to think 'for themself', and a blind faith that is cult-scary.

Do you remember Dani? I sometimes peruse her blog when I am in a sadistic, self-masochistic mood. Actually, I find it to be a comic relief. I don't comment on the posts because I know it always turns out the same way: I argue how the white, blank piece of paper is white and blank... she argues that it is black and full of magic because her pastor told her so.

But, in most cases, I no longer look at fundy blogs anymore. I like the thought provoking and intelligently written blogs and forums (which are the free thinking and atheist blogs in most cases.)

Fiery said...

tracey- thank you. I'm glad you like my blog and my attitude so much. :)

Joe- *snerk*

Thump- Yep, occassionally I'll get a link to one and will spend a moment or two looking around. Until the irrationality makes my brain hurt and I need to go rinse with some tidy-bowl. I love seeing them get a serve. They inevitably leave boohooing that they'll never come back and everyone is picking on them. Plus, they ignore anyone who makes a good point and pick some irrelevancy to respond to instead.

Harry- HAHAHAHA!!!!! Yes I remember Dani- last I stopped by her blog, well over a year ago, she was still raging about abortion and posting pics of dead babies.

I learned a lot about myself debating her and when she left my blog, I'd had my fill of debating fundies. Beating my head against a brick wall is not my idea of amusement and once you've done it, you know how it will end.

Anonymous said...

I used to swim around some Christian blogs that posted material taged "atheism" on WordPress. Now I have way to many Christians commenting on my posts and not enough atheists.. :S

Fiery said...

Sisyphus Fragmnt- I'm almost jealous. ALMOST. Fundies on my blog don't end up sticking around long. I'd like to take credit, but it's not me, it's the great people that read my blog who stand up, take no prisoners, and kick the shit out of their putrid whiney little arguments.

KABAAM! Then the poor discriminated against fundy slinks back to where they are safe and not picked on by those mean ole close-minded baby-munching atheists.

Part of it might be my lack of respect for their beliefs. I don't have any. If I like a person, I might overlook their faith, but I don't respect it.

Belief in a supernatural power is a contemptible position. If you've got one, I don't want to know about it, for you will be forever tainted in my book for clinging to it. Not for having one in the first place, Cripes I started that way, but when confronted with evidence for disbelief, clinging to it is ridiculous.

I know not all of my readers treat the believers on their blog that way. I just can't fake what I don't feel. So for the most part those "nice" believers reading atheist blogs don't stick around here. They leave when we start playing "smear the queer" with the fundy fuckwits.

Man we haven't had a good smear the queer game over here in AGES. Send over a fundy or 3. Hmmmmm. Might have to think of something inflammatory to write. >:-)

Anonymous said...

The intention of most of my writing that attracts theists isn't to convert, it's to correct misconceptions about atheists.

IMHO, Most theists won't deconvert even with all the evidence in the world. So what I try to do instead is just make the experience of the atheists those people have to deal with better. Maybe, just maybe, those theists won't vomit crud at them anymore if they just understood us a little better.. You know what I mean?

Fiery said...

A noble ambition. (Note to self- do NOT go to Sisyphus Fragmnts blog and pick fights with his readers).

I just stick with the hardcore sarcastic atheist blogs and enjoy their humor. Because I'll just end up hurting the "Sunday believers" feelings and probably fulfilling their expectations of all that is evil about atheists, without killing kittens or eating babies in front of them.

Richard said...

"codswalloppy dribble"

OMG, TTEyes, that conjures up some pretty private images.

Thump Thump Eyes said...


...especially when you team it with - "its fabulous to see them get a serve!"....ewey...

Richard said...

My Aussie translators quite let me down. A "serve" is merely listed as a "reprimand". I rather think it's more of a ¿-tongue lashing-¿ :-p

That's too good a treatment for fundy fuckwits, of any gender. I'd like to see it ramped up. I'm thinkin' tie the fuckwit down, spreadeagled and nekkid. A splash of milk should start up a
serious cat tongue-lashing,
or for egregious offenders an
intense COW tongue-lashing.
Fundy females be warned, cows have other
tongue talents «shiver of horror».
(Warning, the latter two are "because they can" images.)

Reg Golb said...


YOU kicked me off your site. Not your followers.

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Cute Richard. Nice bit of 'tongue lashing' with that poor cow trying to get to her bum with her tongue :-) and as for the one up the nose, that would be handy I suppose if you didn't have any tissues on hand :))

As for tying the FF's down, well that sounds like a serious tongue lashing, some photo's would be good once you've finished with the milk!