Thursday, January 1, 2009

open forum 20

Happy New Year to everybody. Welcome to 2009.

For those new to my blog, an Open Forum is your chance to ask me personal questions, impersonal questions, impertinent questions, off topic questions.... well you get the idea.

And can you believe I forgot last month? Yeah, I didn't notice until just now either. HEH!

I promise to take better care of my blog in 2009. 8-}


Half rabbit said...

1. If you ever had to get a replacement tooth. Would it match the colours of the others or something exotic like pure gold (disregarding the fact it's a soft metal and expensive)

2. How old were you in your first memory

3. What happened in your first memory

4. Can you say the alphabet backwards

5. If you don't count common household pets like cats. What's your favourite animal and why

Five questions is enough for now as I want to leave room for others. Thanks again for all your answers and patience with my questions.

Protium the Heathen said...

Bath or Shower?

Ribbed or Plain?

Kiwis or Aussies?

Seafood or Mammal?

evolveintobirds said...

What's the worst or most outrageous pick up line you've ever heard having to do with your red hair?

Traceytreasure said...

Looks like you'll be busy with the other questions so I just want to wish you a happy, healthy and wealthy 2009!!

Oh wait, I've got one....
What do you believe will happen in 2012? Anything? Do you believe it'll be our last year?

Thanks and hugs!!

Fiery said...

Rabbit- :)
1- Teeth- I really liked Captain Jack Sparrow's teeth in Pirates of the Caribbean, very exotic. But I wouldn't want to look that way all the time. My dad has a gold filling in his front tooth that I always liked, but still... I'd go for matching.

2- Earliest memory- Under two years of age

3- Walking down a little hill with a plastic box containing about 6 incomplete decks worth of playing cards to play with my blind grand mother. She let me make up the rules. She would feed me sesame crackers and we'd play on a black tray table covered in pretty flowers. I can still see the blue glittery lamp shade she had on her television set.

4. Alphabet backwards- Slowly, yes. :)

5. Favorite animal- Most anything from the cat family. Tigers, lions, cheetahs, panthers. I like the way the muscles ripple under their skin, the graceful way they move and the hypnotic stare of their eyes.

1- Shower for getting clean, baths for luxurious soaking.

2- Prefer skin on skin, never could feel a difference between ribbed or plain it was all just latex.

3- Aussie or Kiwi? Yes. :) I've got family that is Kiwi, so they have my affection that way, though the sheep thing is a bit of a concern. And Aussies for the accent.

Oh- speaking of. Finally heard an Aussie male voice I didn't like. Had honestly thought I was going to just love every one of them. But this asshat sounds like he's shitting out of his mouth. And a crueler prick I've (fortunately) never met.

4- Seafood or mammal- The most delicious meal I've ever eaten bar none, was in the Morley pub across the street from your house. ZOMG! but that was tasty. Am drooling right now just thinking about how wonderful that tasted. Even though it was served with the worst Long Island Tea I've ever had. Tequilla. shudder. Who puts Tequilla in a LIT? Oh right. The Morley pub. *snerk*

But in my everyday life it's mammal. Of the 4 footed variety. Though avian is nice. But not turkey. UGH!!!!

EvolveIntoBirds- The closest thing I've ever heard to a pickup line was in Perth Australia... and I'm not entirely certain she was trying to pick me up. She said, "Nice Hilfigers" in reference to the jeans I was wearing. I was really flattered! :) Actually come to think of it, there was a guy there who picked me up, sort of, but I can't remember what he said. Oh yes, he invited Protium, Thump and I over to his place for dinner because I'd never had curry before. Pretty sure he didn't get what he wanted out of the deal, though he's got plausible deniability to make up whatever he wanted to have happened.

Fiery said...

Tracey- answered yours on the front page, hope you don't mind.

Oh... and Tracey? There's never any such thing as too many questions. Unless it's Rabbit. Then it's possible. :))

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Finally heard an Aussie male voice I didn't like. Had honestly thought I was going to just love every one of them. But this asshat sounds like he's shitting out of his mouth. And a crueler prick I've (fortunately) never met.

So, who was this arsehat??

Fiery said...

He's a 26-28 year old brother of a blogger friend of mine. Someone who takes delight in cruelly tormenting his younger siblings. Usually in such a way that he can plead the innocent and deny all culpability in the matter.

For example- for no particular reason, he asked his 6 year old brother if he could say "Sunday". Yeah, that's not an insult to the kid's intelligence or anything. And how do you call him on it. "What?" he pleads innocently. "I was just asking him a question."

But the torment doesn't end with stupid questions, he loves to push your buttons until you explode with frustration and he'll do this over and over again. And anyone that calls him on it, he acts like it is their own fault and he is the victim. It's emotional abuse and he's an evil rotter.

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Anyone who gets pleasure out of tormenting small children or animals usually has a psycho brain...where are the parents and dont they realise what's going on, seems extreme to me, possibly they're religious and think that jeebus will deal with it for them??

Fiery said...

I agree. And I am really worried about people that are exposed to his cruelty. It's heartless and unnecessary and yes the parents are fundies. They are unaware or turn a blind eye to his tormenting because, "boys will be boys" or some other such rubbish. That and this prick is really REALLY good at not getting caught. Plus, the parents don't believe when it gets reported to them.

All in all. The situation is FUCKED. And I hate being helpless to get involved.

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Sounds like the time has passed for the parents to ever notice anything, that bit blows me away!

Perhaps you should attempt to teach your blogger friend some new strategies to deal with these issues?

Anonymous said...
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