Thursday, January 29, 2009


Did you know that if you

- go out drinking with a friend,
- plan on staying out until about 2 am, and
- pack an overnight bag so that in case of significant inebriation you can sleep over at your friend's house...

not only can you acquire HIV, but you are also being a bad role model for your children????? Seriously!!! That's what Macaroni said!!!!

I had no idea you could acquire HIV this way. But, according to Macaroni in a comment on this post, drinking until 2 am and spending the night with a friend is the best life-style for spreading HIV.

I am just... stunned beyond words.

I thought HIV was spread through intimate contact with bodily fluids of somebody infected with HIV. I don't have it. She doesn't have it. And we're not going to be exchanging bodily fluids of any kind. But apparently, I am spreading HIV. Or could be.

Who knew?

And planning ahead to avoid drinking and driving is an example of being a bad role model?


This has been a public service announcement courtesy of Macaroni. Be careful out there. HIV is lurking around the corner and can ruin the most innocent of outings. Maybe I should stay home and pray to the man who ran around wearing a bathrobe consorting exclusively with 12 men for 3 years.

HAHAHAHA!!!... Macaroni is a fuckwit who has missed the mark so completely in judging me as to be utterly ludicrous.


Makarios said...

Hmm, Thump Thump said you were ignoring me. I knew you wouldn't do that. Couldn't do that!

Any time now it will be, with a tear in your eye, "This could have been such a beautiful moment of healing. And now look what you've done. You've gone and wrecked it, you fuckwitted fundy!"

Poodles said...

HHHMMM I have spent nights at my gay boys house. They have a gorgeous guest room, should I get tested?

Makarios said...

I think I need to apologise. I mistook what kind of a person you are by your "love me a nice piece of arse right now" comment.

My mistake.

Fiery said...

Poodles- I hope you wore a condom!!!

If you go here...
You can find a free GLBT-friendly HIV testing centre near you by texting your US zip code to knowit (566948) or going online to (courtesy of Reed Braden @

Then you'll know if your risky lifestyle has caused the spread of HIV.


Thump Thump Eyes said...

I thought Markarios was some sort of a counselor, man of the world type, whocoodanode that he thought you could catch HIV like this?

...duh...pull your flaming head in mate and get over it, whatever your beef is here, you're making a complete fool of yourself!!

Anonymous said...


I better not tell Macaroni about the other weekend I spent the night drinking cocktails with my friends, including the gay couple who were hosting the event and at whose place we all slept at that night.

Some people have no feckin' idea!

PS. hope you had a great night, not long back from a big weekend away myself. Holidays and drinking with friends - way to go.