Thursday, January 1, 2009

What will happen in 2012?

Tracey Treasure popped up on my open forum and asked What do you believe will happen in 2012? Anything? Do you believe it'll be our last year?

Tracey- there have been, and always will be, doom sayers that are waiting for the world to come crashing down on us. But until whatever killed the dinosaurs happens to us, the human race will continue. Regimes change, dictators are over thrown, armies march, and winds blow. But always, tomorrow is another day. We'll get through somehow. It might not be pretty. It probably won't be easy. .... oh god. I feel a song from the 80's coming on.


Traceytreasure said...

Sheesh! Didn't mean to start anything. I just appreciate your opinion and wanted to know how you felt about it. I asked YOU because you always help me see past the bullshit that's thrown my way!!

I still have a couple of kerosene lanterns from the Y2K scare that are still in their original packaging.

I'm sure this news doesn't surprise you one bit!! LOL!!

A gal who comes in to the store where I work has read all the books regarding what "will" ;)
happen in 2012 and she is full of doom.

Thanks for the song!! Hey, hey!!


Fiery said...

I hope, I hope, I hope, that my answer came across as a light hearted yet serious answer to your question. I wasn't trying to belittle your question, criticise you in any fashion, or pick a fight or do anything negative at all. I thought it was a very interesting question!

I've heard a lot of conspiracy theories. I've heard a lot of gloom and doom. Unfortunately for me, some of it is all too believable.

What I rarely hear is a lot of hope.

The only way I can keep going and not want to sit in a corner, shrivelled into a ball, sucking my thumb is by remembering: we humans are a hardy lot. And even when the bastards gain the upper hand, some of us manage to go on.

New World Order, the All-seeing Eye, the Builderberger (or however the fuck you spell it) Group, the Tri-lateral Commission, the Patriot Act, the Military Powers Act, Guantanamo Bay, Executive Orders, cameras every where, warrant-less searches and seizures, the economy pluging straight down the shitter. Oh yeah. I've heard it.

As for 2012 specifically. I've rather stopped listening to the new theories. I assume some of it is built around the next Presidential election. MEH! A lot will happen between now and 2012.

Am I burying my head in the sand?

Nope. I think our government is utterly corrupt and run by cunt bastards.

What can I do? Keep my head down, spread reason, raise my kids to the best of my ability, and try and find happiness.

Because I'll be fucking god-damned if I'll let the fear mongers ruin my life by what "might" happen, what "could" happen, and what "IS" happening beyond my control.

Fuck the goddamned power hungry politicians and their new world order.

I Will Survive. And so will my kids. And my friends too. :)

evolveintobirds said...

Quetzalcoatl. And not the Mormon one. He'll be The. Shit. lol

I recently read Daniel Pinchbeck's book "2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl" and found it interesting mostly because of the drug theories behind it. I'm fascinated by how drugs can expand our consciousness. The only thing I dread is his theory that Quetzalcoatl symbolizes a transformation or evolution in human spirituality. I'd rather prefer that it went away.

Traceytreasure said...

I wish you could have seen my face when I wrote my comment. I was smiling ear to ear!! My sense of humor doesn't always come through!!
Sorry!! :)
I value you as a person and your opinion!! I take what I hear from others with a grain of salt. I am surrounded by religious people and hippies at work and they don't always have a positive attitude.

Just wanted to know what you thought about it all because you're a no-shit kind of gal!!
MY kind of gal!!
No hard feelings?


P.S. I've been singing that song all day!!

Fiery said...

So.... you're good. I'm good. We're all good. :))

Fiery said...

Holy smokes! It didn't post the first half of my comment.

We're good Tracey, I was double checking that you were ok. Now you know I'm ok. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! ;)

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Are we talking about the Mayan Prophecies? A load of hogwash that sells buckets of books what happens when the Mayan calendar hits It resets back to, that is ofcourse dependant on whether or not you believe the calendar goes just to and not and the archeologists can't agree on that.

I wouldn't worry, 2009 seems to be more of a problem, financially anyway.

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Read Phil Plait's Death from the Skies for more likely end of the world scenarios.

Traceytreasure said...

See, you always know the truth from bullshit! Thanks and Happy New Year!!

A guy came into work on Monday and told me, when I asked how he was doing, and I kid you not:

“I’d be better if I was dead! I’ve seen the other side and God and his glory is waiting for me and it’s a beautiful place! Earth is just a testing ground for us…..the other side is much more beautiful!”

I left this on Evolveintobirds site yesterday. I told her that I thought earth WAS a testing ground to see how much longer I can bite my tongue....

Hugs and love,

Traceytreasure said...

Thanks Sean!

I will!

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Tracey this episode of skepoid might be useful too

Xavier Onassis said...

The reason the Mayan Calendar ends with 2012 isn't because the word ends in 2012.

It's because the Mayans ran out of rock!

They carved out a massive rock calendar that covered every thing for the next 3000 years or so, they filled up the rock and said "OK. That's enough. Give it a rest. We can always make another calender 3000 years from now. We got time."

The world won't end in 2010 just because the 2010 calendars aren't on sale at the mall kiosk yet.

Breathe. Relax.

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Sounds like a serious load of crap to me....but that's just me.....

I liked XO's take on it all :) I'll continue to breathe and relax, and take it as it comes!