Sunday, January 4, 2009

two talking cats

The videos total two minutes in length WHEN COMBINED. So be a sport and watch 'em. :)

Watch this first one, enough to get the idea. Or the whole thing, ya lazy sod it takes all of 1 minute to watch.

Now watch this one.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Brilliant interpretation of what cats say to each other.

What? Don't you speak cat?


evolveintobirds said...

My teen used to berate me for talking to our he has full blown conversations with the cats. Sometimes when the cats meow at me my little guy will ask "what does she want mom?". lol

I love that video. They have obviously been raised together to have such a strong bond. My two Rex's hate each other. I only got the second one about three years ago. They will tolerate one another on my son's bed but otherwise they fight constantly.

Anonymous said...

brilliant, very funny.

When I watched the first one I was wondering what the cat had said to get licked behind the ears?

Thump Thump Eyes said...

I've always talked to my cats throughout my life and been rewarded with them talking back. I've used English, and a few squeaky throaty noises and lip noises which they all seemed to accept as some kinda 'cat gospel' and could chatter on for ages with just a little prompting lol

Today I had to take my current, 8 year old, very fluffy, long haired, persian/russian blue cross, cat-friend - Tiddles to the vet for her annual shaving... :)

She's not a big talker, but always acknowledges me with a meow when I suddenly appear, and if sitting quietly on my lap will engage in reciprocal meowing with me which I love :)

Tiddles doesn't do well in the heat here, with the long hair, so once a year at the beginning of summer (bit late) she needs to be shaved. But, apart from that big outing, she never leaves the building.

She mostly lives in our large, third floor rooftop garden. Its a nice big space, fully roofed with one side left open like a big veranda. It has lots of greenery, along with tables and benches, baskets and cushioned chairs and loads of art mess and she loves it.

The trip to the vet was not nice for her. She hates the cage/carrier I always put her in and was mournfully moaning as soon as she was locked into it. She was petrified and squawking like a chook in the car as soon as I started up, then growling at passing motor bikes or buses and crouched down when someone tooted their horn. Given that it was a very hot 38 degrees out there, it was far from pleasant even if it was just a short trip around the corner, so I was very forthcoming with sympathetic and soothing noises, but nothing could get through, I think she was 'yelling' at me too loudly for doing this to her lol

I've just been back to pick her up and she's gone from a moaning, glorious fluffy princess to a silent, bedraggled, wobbly legged, gangly, shaved, shabby version of herself and IMHO she looks totally embarrassed :-D!

By tomorrow she will have recovered from the whole thing, gotten over the anesthetic and be thoroughly enjoying her hairless state in the relentless heat lol

Half rabbit said...

I talk to my cats too sometimes. They don't talk back unfortunately. There seems to be little between purring and nipping at you with one of them.

The video was great. I needed a laugh even through it was silent.

Fiery said...


Evolve Into Birds- My two cats also are siblings and share a very tight bond. I'd never heard of a Rex cat before and had to google it, of course. It looks like they have an almost siamese silhouette with vastly different colourings. What variety of Rex do you have?

OzA- It's always important to know what it takes to get a lick behind the ears!

Thump- She is such a gorgeous cat, all that luxurious beautiful fur. Any chance of a pic put on your blog of her in her hairless state? I am most curious to know if she gets the lion cut with fur left longish around head, paws and tip of tale. :))

Rabbit- Neko, my black and white who has been on this blog several times, meows with me. Especially when I return, she is right there and will return meow for meow with me usually until I tire of meowing. :))

evolveintobirds said...

I have Cornish Rexes (sp?). They only have the soft undercoat most cats have so they are a little less allergenic for me. Their hair is kinda curly...even their whiskers! My two are 12 and 13 and they are still very playful. When they die, if I can afford it, I plan to get a pair of SiRex kittens...Siamese mixed with Cornish Rex. They have the Siamese coloring with the short, curly Rex coats. :)

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Fiery, I will post some pics of the beautiful Tiddles real soon on my blog...ah holidays are bliss :)