Thursday, July 24, 2008

bourbon 3

[richard.... contains vulgarity... including the "f-wort" .... "f-word" used ina sexually pblasphemous manner.... sorry[

fuck it's hard to concentrate with a belt and 3/4 of bourbon under my belt

*snerk* i'm not wearing a belt. mwahahahahahahahaha

picture # 1069


omg to be doing 69 right now.

oh my fucking god. please let me 69 again in my life. is there anythign more fantastic than a 69 unles it is a 69 +2

sweet fucking jeebus PLEAAAASASSSSSSEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

Do you know bourbon can even put a smiley face on Conair!!!!

god bless bourbon fucking me WOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

i love this pciture. doesn't he look lickable. mmmmmmmmmmmm


Protium said...

This is happening a little too often for my liking miss firey... Don't make me come over there and take that bottle off you!

Fiery said...

i fucking double dog DARE you to come over here!!! NO TAKE BACKS!!!!!!

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Put. Down. That. Medicine. Glass. Full. Of. Bourbon. Right. Now!!!!

Self medicating is never good especially with a medicine glass, you cant get a good guzzle going :)

Fiery said...

's why the medicine glass gets dumped in the yellow glass full of ice and then topped off with the blue can of fizzy drink.

num num num num num

Half rabbit said...

What is a 69+2?

Fiery said...

HalfR! :D lol

69+2 is Aussie Rules Oral Sex. Scroll down to the 69+1. I'm just more of an equal opportunity player. >:-D

Richard said...

I liked the empty bottle lying on its side; it says all. Everyone can use a calm friend to talk to, and the W.T. looks very relaxed. :-)