Monday, June 30, 2008

Oz final installment

One of the first pictures of Australia that Johnny sent to me was of Somers beach just a few minutes walk from his parent's beach house. Absolutely stunning in summer time. The water running through the center is actually a little creek that runs into the ocean, snuggled safely between the wooden fence.

I went to Australia at the very beginning of their winter season. Drought and an overcast sky dramatically change what is obviously the same place.
He emailed that picture to me August 22, 2007. Only in my wildest dreams did I dare to imagine that I would stand in the same spot with him and take my own picture of that beautiful beach.

Later that day we went to Cape Schanck a beautiful, blustery, windswept beach.

On Wednesday, my last day in Oz, we went to downtown Melbourne and had a look around an art gallery. This painting caught my eye in particular. Notice any similarities? Imagine the perspective shifted to the left and a bit closer in...

Cape Schanck, the place I had visited the day before, I found rendered in oil from an artist who painted it back in 1865. That struck me as amazingly cool.


Protium said...

Melbourne Smelbourne... Perth's nicer ;-)

Fiery said...

Perth is awesome. :)

Richard said...

It's amazing how that little promontory at Cape Schanck has changed, or is it artistic 'license'?
Now it is so much smaller. The little bits on the left of the 'island', in the old painting, are entirely gone in your photo. Meanwhile, there are other pieces of land on the right that have been left by erosion.

I am disappointed your photo does not include a fox eying a seagull. :-)