Friday, June 27, 2008

up up and away......

June 14, 2008

My flight from Perth to Melbourne was scheduled to leave at 1:30pm. Being the eager and overly conscientious traveller that I am, I was there around 11:30am. Left again at 2:30pm having got my bag checked to Melbourne and found out the plane wasn't leaving until 8:30pm that night. Not wanting to spend the arvo at the airport I taxied back to Protium and Thumps and proceeded to have a fantastic evening.

At one stage I know I literally was rolling around on the floor laughing. Right outside the dunny. Can't remember what was so funny. It was... something about Protium breaking the bog roll holder and ....OH YES!!! Thump fixing it by smashing it back together again. (The end pin had come loose). The image of dear Thump not taking no crap offa nobody particularly a bog roll holder was just too much for me.

Literally ROFLMAO. You haven't fully experienced life until you've been in a situation (booze enhanced or not) that warrants literally rolling on the floor helpless with laughter.

The reason I got that schnockered and tried things I'd never done before was the flight got rescheduled AGAIN for 12:30am and didn't actually LEAVE Perth until 2:30am. AARRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!

But the fun times on Protium & Thump's carpet more than made up for the flight delay.


Half rabbit said...

I'm glad to see your posting again, I thought you might be dead.

P.S. Did Protium or Thump Thump catch any video footage of you ROFLMAO?

P.P.S. How did lord Jake react to you being on the floor? (Or is it a normal occurrence in the Protium/Thump household :) )

Fiery said...

Howdy do Half Rabbit! :)

Heavens no, not dead. It's just that... well... you see... my time in Melbourne.... well..... I didn't spend any of it on the internet.

I'm weeks behind on reading all my favorite blogs and about two weeks behind on my own blog here.

Come back soon, more posting more often. promise. :)

Fiery said...

OH! And no, there is, unfortunately, no video footage of me rolling around on the floor and Lord Jake thought it was a riot. Jumping around barking, racing here and there. He had fun that night too, I reckon.

Thump Thump Eyes said...

It was a very big night! Even I had a drink or two of champagne, which Fiery thought was a yukky drink, so I didnt want to waste it:) and when I eventually saw the t/roll holder on the floor, I thought, that bloody didnt, I just laughed myself silly as well, although i didnt roll around on the floor:)!!

We were sad to see her go that night, and I lay awake for a long time thinking she was probably gonna be stuck at Perth airport all night.....but morning...she was not sitting on the doorstep waiting for us to wake up...:(

We should have gotten some footage that night Fiery, it would have been totally insane haha...

Miss you xx

Fiery said...

It wasn't me that broke it!!! It was Protium!!!! Remember that giant crash and the swearing????? That was him, not me! And the bog roll was all dipsy doodle on the floor!


Fiery said...

And as for the missing, ye gods the missing is hitting hard today.