Saturday, June 28, 2008

Aussie Flora

Throughout my stay in Australia, the most amazing foliage would catch my eye, both its intrinsic beauty and its exotic uniqueness from anything I'd seen before.

This particularly lovely flower caught my attention even before breakfast and had me out the door to take a snap.

High up the tree it was clinging to was this web glinting in the sunlight.

These lovely palm trees can be seen outside the entrance to the Perth Zoo. (If you look carefully you can see the animal flags.) :)

I call this one "Reflections".
It was just an "oops" shot, but I thought it turned out nicely!

Several times the close-up view was dramatic and demanded a pic. This grass was outside the giant tortoise display at the Perth Zoo.

As was this brutal looking thorny plant.

I'll bet with PhotoShop this sillhouette of a blossom would really snap.

I was fascinated by the smooth trunk on this palm tree.

Dramatic "sun through the branches". lol

The funkiest blossoms I noticed in Australia had to have been the banksia blossoms. They look like bottle brushes to me. :)

The next two are closeups of wild flowers that they sow along the roadsides north of Perth to beautify the area.

Pretty huh? lol


Thump Thump Eyes said...

You didnt mention the ghost gum behind the banksias...they're cool too.....

The roadside flowers are gazania's and the gorgeous pink one up in the tree is a climbing geranium.....nice pics :-D

TraceyTreasure said...

They have some way-cool plants!! You took some awesome pictures!! It's like another world!!
How've you been? Are you home safe and sound? I'm glad that you're posting again. I missed you!


Fiery said...

Thank ya kindly Thump! :)

Tracey- Yep I'm back in the US safe and sound, but I'm suffering from a severe case of homesickness. *sigh*

Attila The Mom said...

Lovely photos!!

Poodles said...

I love those yellow flowers.

Fiery said...

Thank ya kindly, ATM! :)

oh- and Poodles, I totally thought of you when I took that last pic. Looked like an Aussie style pansy/daisy to me. :)