Sunday, June 1, 2008

my camera rocks!!!

look at the beautiful pictures it took!!!!! WOW!!!!!

The absolutel most striking difference between Minnesota and Australia is the quality of the sun. I HAVE to wear sunglasses out and even with them on I feel like maybe I should have another set on. The light saturation level is totally different from what I am used to.

Protium, Thump and I went out for a drive today. Drove down to the ocean. But first we had to make a stop for OzA who made a request that we stop at a particularly obnoxious Perth landmark. Just down the street at the first left we took, was this little sign.


Then at the church with the OzA landmark we saw this tree with the most ridiculous grafitti carved into it.

Here's a closeup since the distant shot is a bit hard to see. I believe the tree is a gum tree.

So, not only do zygotes have souls, but so do gum trees. If a gum tree doesn't get saved will it burn in hell? Dibs on a gum tree in hell!!!!!!!!

This is the view from our table at the most delightful little restaurant. Had Baramundi fish in beer batter with chips (fries) and a funky salad with pea sprouts. That was several hours ago and I'm still stuffed. YUM!!!!!! Really good.

That cool tree is a fir variant I think. Don't grow them like that in America that's for sure. (At least where I live in America).

Anyway, the Indian ocean was fabulously beautiful. The clouds come right up out of the horizon and look like they froth from the ocean itself.

Wish you were all here, we'd have a fantastic time!!!!!

OzA this one's for you! :)


Half rabbit said...

Glad to hear your having fun. Gum tree's love burning up so they can crack their *seed*. There's some great christian relevance there though I'm not sure if a gum would want been saved .

doofus said...

So is the bald guy peeing?

Or is that the joke?

Traceytreasure said...

Wow!! I'm am so thrilled with this post!! You should do a post on your camera. You take some great pictures!!
Infant Jesus School? Need a billboard? He he he!
Pea sprouts?
Gorgeous Fir tree!
Poor Gum Tree!
Gorgeous ocean!!
Thanks for these Fiery!!
Oh how I wish I was there!!
Sending you all hugs!!

Traceytreasure said...

Oh, and tell Protium to stop doing nice things for his country. The sign clearly said not to!! LOL :)

Fiery said...

half rabbit! :) You were certainly quick on the draw WOW! :D
Gum tree's cracking their "seed". What an image!!!!

Doofus- that's Protium and he's faking it to make a statement on his view of religion.

TraceyT- thank you dear! :)

Poodles said...

I bet a gum tree fire would make awesome smores...

fejkat said...

Eucalyptus flavoured smores, Poodles? Not sure how well the flavours would mix, but I bet they'd clear your sinuses ;)

Protium said...

Yes Doofus I misread and thought it said "Spray for Australia" ;-)

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Fiery you look so mysterious and sultry for jeebus was a great day, woo hoooooo she's actually here!!! :-D

Richard said...

Terrific pics... I really enjoyed seeing the Indian Ocean from the 'side'... that was cool.

I wondered if Baramundi was the name of the fish or the name of the dish, so I did the Google thing:

Baramundi can be whoppers! reaching 83.4 lbs!! They are a dynamic sport fish too, judging from the description at the link.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photo Fiery, even with your beautiful face in the foreground that thing still looks like shit.

Half rabbit said...

I didn't know that was Fiery in the foreground. May I ask why your face is half covered by hair, is it a new style inspired by Japanese horror ghosts?

What is inside that 'Pray for Australia' thing? I've never seen one before and all I can see is shiny glass, bars, and hourglass type pictures.

Fiery said...

That's my Jessica Rabbit look!

The display looked like a catholic grotto with a large statue of the virgin mary in the center surrounded by mini-statues in niches though I didn't look closely to see of what/whom.

Anonymous said...

That fir tree is proof that Earth is flat and the Aussies are upside-down.

Fiery said...

Hey Reed!!!! :D

That would explain the hideous head rush I get when I roll out of bed!

Anonymous said...

no, the head rush is from all the beer Protium is feeding you :)

here's a link to a picture of the inside of the 'pray for australia' grotto

Richard said...

OZ-A, Thanks for that picture of what's inside the Pray for Oz grotto, I was wondering about the things on display.

Before I say why, does anyone have you a date for when that grotto was built? ... within a decade, or even a century?

Richard said...

Don't Fiery's pictures make you feel more like you are there than when you see the same kind of thing in magazines, books or even on TV. I think it's because we have someone we know adding in their thoughts along the way b/c they are actually looking at them.