Saturday, June 7, 2008

trip to the Perth zoo

Went to the zoo today. Had a great time! Was surprised at the number of exhibits that were "closed". Ended up talking to two zookeepers who said that it was because they were deleting animals from their collection and expanding the existing habitats.

Fair enough I suppose, keeps the animals happier even as it limits the diversity of their collection.

Pair of Gallopogus Island Tortoises. WOW were they huge!!!!!!

Don't they just LOOK ancient?
* * *

Alpha meercats gettin' busy. (Ya have to see animals mating at least once at the zoo, and for me it was the meercats. *snerk*) "Mommy! What are those two doing?" "They're cuddling sweetheart!" "Really? Cause I thought they were mating."
* * *

Peekaboo with a giraffe

* * *

This Javan Rhino looks like it's in a timeout. The other one had just emerged from the mud puddle when we got there, still all glistening. Missed it by THAT much! :)

* * *

"Why are you taking a picture of a seagull?" "Cause I've never been this close to one before." "Oh for crying out loud!"
Where I come from, seagulls don't get that close to people. This one was within a metre of me.

* * *

The Tiger
How cool did the reflection turn out!!!!

* * *

Kangaroo sleepin' in the sun within 3 metres of me. No fence, no cage, just me, the path, and a wood log fence seperating us. :)

* * *

Perth is famous for it's black swans. In fact most tourist souvenirs features the black swan prominently.
Perth is also situated on the Swan River named for its striking denizens and noted for its extreme depth.

* * *

This was the funkiest little snake I'd seen. It could have nestled in the palm of a man's hand. The exhibit was really well done and created the perfect miniature environment.

* * *

All the other pics are mine but this one of Simo the Saltwater Crocodile. He was completely submerged in the water and dead asleep the entire 5 minutes or so I stood and marveled at this huge predator.


Half rabbit said...

I'm glad you had a good time at the zoo. The absence of penguins is a bit disappointing though.

Where I come from, seagulls don't get that close to people.

Any Australian magpies come close to you yet? :)

T&A said...

Looks like a cool zoo!

"Where I come from, seagulls don't get that close to people. This one was within a metre of me."

You should spend some time in SLC, the fucking things are the state bird and they seem to know they are protected, because they are bold enough to steal food right off of your picnic blanket!

Poodles said...

FUCKING SEAGULLS!!!! T&A is right, if you want to get up close and personal, and shit on, come to Salt Lake!

Reed said...

This makes Roanoke's Mill Mountain Zoo look pathetic... which it is.

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Ah but you didn't see a masturbating monkey. No for that you have to travel to Adelaide

Fiery said...

I really stuck my foot in it with the whole seagulls thing didn't I? Rats of the sea, they call them.

Heya Reed! :) Perth Zoo made the Fargo Zoo look pathetic as well. lol Of course Fargo's claim to fame is a pair of breeding camels and some meercats. WOOHOO!!! ;)

Sean- unfortunately no monkeys were having a wank. BOOO!!!! I put in a complaint in their suggestions box, maybe that way noone else will suffer that disappointment.

Fiery said...

OH! And HalfRabbit, there were penguins there, but they were huddled shivering behind a rock and there was no good photo opportunities. I could have snapped a pic, but there wasn't anything interesting to look at. Just 8 penguins shivering and waiting for their fish. Smelly things, penguins.