Tuesday, June 10, 2008

killing time on a new blog

I'm going out for dinner in 41 minutes. YES!!!!! :D

And what am I doing in order to kill time while I wait?

All together now......



In order to not let the excitement keep me jumping for the 2 hours I've known about it, I found a new blog to amuse myself with. Which means mining the archives for gems and HOLY FUCK IT'S FUNNY!!!!!!

A big huge thanks to Reed for the link to the Church of Jesus Fucking Christ. My two favorite bits (yes I said favorite bits) so far are...

I have GOT to get me one of these!

And this, a rare shot God's Anus. It’s a wide, gaping hole emitting His glory.

I hope you enjoyed that rare glimpse of the creator's bum.

35 minutes and counting.

But that's not accurate because that is when the taxi gets here. I should be down there by 20 after so I don't miss them. I should start getting ready at 10 after. HOLY SHIT ONLY 15 MINUTES TO GO!!!!!! YIPPPEEEEEE!!!!

Just enough time for some more Church of Jesus Fucking Christ.


doofus said...

Where did everyone go?

Fiery said...

I think they're all over at Church of Jesus Fucking Christ! :)


It is a bit echoey in here isn't it. Of course, for the last little bit, it's been mostly a slide-show of somebody else's vacation. lol Maybe they've politely slipped out the back door and hoped no one noticed.

Pissed Off Pete said...
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Richard said...

If someone is going to slip out the back door, they would surely have found a way to slip into the back door!

YES, ABANDON ALL PROPRIETY. It is only convention anyway.

Richard said...

As for slipping in the back door: KY, damn who said that?!

Richard said...

I think I'll check out that church of christ site.... TTYL