Sunday, June 8, 2008

drive to Yanchep

The plan was to drive up to Yanchep, about an hour away and expore the Crystal Caves, walk on the Koala Boardwalk, participate in the weekends only Aboriginal Cultural Experiences, hopefully have a bit of shopping luck at the McNess House Visitor Centre and Souvenir Shop and end the day at the Yanchep Inn (and pub) with a nice long look at the southern hemisphere's stars before heading back to Perth.

We stopped off at TwoRocks first and had a look at the beach and the Indian Ocean. WOW was that beautiful!!!! And the sand was spectacular! Soft, white sand with interesting flecks of dark in it.

I should have brought a bag to take some home with me. I wonder if that would clear customs???

This is a natural ocean sponge that Thump found where you can get a hint of the color and texture of the sand.

Oh, and we brought the dog. Jake really enjoyed kicking up his heels at the beach. Then we all got back in the van and headed off to the Yanchep National Park.

No where on the website (dedicated to National Parks in Western Australia) did it say "No Dogs Allowed". In fact, no where did any of the websites hint at the fact that the "No Dogs Allowed" policy is supposedly universal throughout Australia proper. At least, that is what the lady at the ticket booth said and what was confirmed on the snippy little piece of paper she handed us.

"No dogs allowed! No, not even on leashes. No, not locked in the car, either."


So we found a tavern that looked like it might be nice to kick back, look at the ocean, and tip a few.

Until we got around back and the cheese factor blew us off the charts.
Check out UberNeptune guarding the passage by the sea. The eyes are even red and we were placing bets as to whether they glowed at night. There were tacky statues of that nature throughout the car park and leading up to the tavern. So much so, that in all good taste we couldn't bring our selves to go there.

Back to the van, back to Perth, back to the bottle shop where I picked up a nice 4 pack of Vodka & Chocolate that tasted like you were drinking desert and a flask of vodka proper for the orange juice in the fridge. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


doofus said...

That is a bummer about the dog ban.

I don't mean to be out of line here, but I thought that statue picture looked cool! I don't have anything like that where I live and a place that had a bunch of statues like that sounds cool to me.

But maybe you had to be there.

Anonymous said...

bummer about the trip to Yanchep.

can't believe you didn't go into the tavern anyway, nothing like tacky statues to herald a good time. hee hee

Fiery said...

Ya know, now that you mention it OzA, that was a hell of an idea! We should have gone in and had a general pisstake of the premises.

Doofus- the deal with the statue was that it was a giant cartoon done in stone masonry should have been imposing or impressive and instead was just goofy. To each his own though, obviously a lot of people like it or it wouldn't be there.