Wednesday, June 4, 2008

out for a walk

Decided to get out and stretch my legs this morning. A perfectly gorgeous morning, absolutely my most favorite temperature/season. WOOHOO!!! This is what spring should have been in Minnesota this year and wasn't (at least before I left).

Ya head out in jeans and a t-shirt, dog on the leash and take a walk. Beautiful sunny day and we found a park!!!! We had directions, but the trick was I actually successfully followed them and made it to this huge wide open space perfect for Aussie's and their sports. Two soccer fields and a cricket pitch in the middle. First one I've ever seen, been on, and touched. Even mucked about in the dirt for the wickets. :)

And for those who DON'T drive on the left side of the road, take a look at the front seat of Protium and Thump's mini-van. Very weird getting used to the passenger side being on the left.


Half rabbit said...

Love the photos. I wish there were more, but you're probably keeping them for your bestselling book.

P.S. Why would you muck about in the dirt for the wickets. Are they even kept in the dirt there? (It probably was a joke so just ignore this)

Poodles said...

WOW, them Aussies are BACKWARD!


Protium said...

Watch it buster!

T&A said...

Try driving on the right side of the car! It's actually not too bad, I did it in Ireland and had no problems. I had more problems as a pedestrian when I was first arrived in Glasgow! (Jet Lag to the max) I kept looking the wrong way! Almost got flattened by a Double Decker! :)

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Jake loves Fiery for all the walks and pats