Monday, June 30, 2008

goodbye Perth, hello Melbourne

The sadness of saying goodbye to Protium and Thump was greatly eased by the large quantities of alcohol consumed late that arvo and well into the evening. If memory serves there were 2 Vodka Mudslides, 1 Black Cruiser (also a vodka drink)and 3 glasses of champagne (nah, I didn't care for the taste, but the bubbly effect was nice). Plus there was that wee matter of someone passing me one and saying, "here try this". BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Were they ever disappointed when I didn't cough myself silly, puke my guts out, or sit in a corner contemplating my navel for 3 hours. In fact, the only effect I was aware of was a brief numbing of my spine that went away after about 10 seconds. The ROFLMAO mentioned in a previous post was actually prior to the passage. HA! Betcha thought you were onto something there. Nup.

What I can't remember is if there was wine involved? I thought there was, but can't remember anything more than the image of sitting in Protium's workshop sipping a glass of vino. Might have been a seperate occassion. Anyway, with that kind of lubricant in me, I slid up the airport able to tolerate the pain of parting and taking great care to appear normal to the cabby.

In fact, as I was standing outside waiting for the taxi to arrive a car pulls into the parking lot followed closely by a cop with it's lights on. Two police officers get out to shine their flashlights on the occupant and to give the car a once over for other potential money making opportunities.

And there I am trying to have a normal conversation with Thump and thank her properly for all the new experiences I've had and NOT get overheard by the police. :D When I get pissed, but not when I am pissed, volume is one of the first things I lose control over. I seem to recall Thump shushing me a bit. ;) Or maybe it was me shushing me, which is even worse and probably way more noticeable. Luckily the taxi pulled up then and I poured myself into it.

I did finally leave Perth, 13 hours after the flight was initially scheduled to leave. Friday the 13th departure date, flight leaves 13 hours after scheduled. (insert eery music). *snerk*

And from there it was straight to Melbourne hosted by Johnny with details to follow in later posts... but not many. :)

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