Saturday, March 15, 2008

Thump Thump Eyes- Guest Blogger

Our Thump Thump Eyes has just put up a fabulous comment over on my post Jesus' Ultimate Sacrifice. Head on over if you'd like to read it in context. Otherwise, here is her comment to Reg...

Fiery said... "Reg- At the time those gods on Protium's list ruled they were believed in by the majority of the people in their lands. But as with all gods, their reigns end, their power fades and they are forgotten"

Never totally forgotton! Reg I know you see the babble as truth, but really pal you gotta get a handle on the concept of allegory.

Some salient points of interest from the previous gods allegories were always kept and absorbed by the next heads of the main power structure and woven into new stories/allegories.

They knew they needed to facillitate their introductory indoctrination of the sheeple to snare their faith and devotion. Needed to give them new rules to live by and made sure to be heavy on the fear of retribution to keep them believing. They cleverly adjusted the old stories to suit their new goals...and reintroduced them to the sheeple, and tortured and killed those who didnt conform, easy.

Simple eh, go for it Reg, look into it, do some serious research on the old gods, the old myths and dont forget the old symbols...and come back and tell us how embarrassed you are to realise its all just a series of well designed allegories to control your behaviour and scare you into keeping the faith. Allegories, I might remind you, written an awful long time ago. Made up and written by humans, stories of humans and how they should behave in many situations, again...written by humans to control other humans!

So, the story of jeebus appeals to you, he's your hero. You were probably cleverly and cruelly indoctrinated as a child so you base your thoughts and actions upon the old allegories, just as they were intended. Only thing is you were also shown by your indoctrination that your priest/preacher can cherry pick the ones he decides are suitable, leaving out the ones that he doesnt like, doing his own editing of gods word. Just as many have done over the centuries, edited to their own desires.

Your desire is to be seen as a man like jeebus, good and kind, a model man, something to really aim for. Its certainly not easy to live up to those standards, but I imagine you strive towards that goal. I imagine you are not perfect. I imagine you have imperfections which probably annoy you. I imagine you wonder why you cant be that perfect jeebus kind of man, given all that striving, but your cloak of faith, draped over you since childhood continues to blind you and demands that you unquestioningly continue to strive towards the unattainable goal.

Unattainable goals create frustrations which lead to irrational thinking...irrational thinking leads to irrational deeds. Irrational deeds that wouldnt have come about without the unattainable goals set by the fanciful stories of all the religious books! Irrational deeds are committed to keep the faith alive, torture, death and mayhem on a grand scale across the ages designed and constructed by humans to control humans.

Well put Thump, I am very fortunate to have such wonderful people commenting on my blog. :)


T&A said...

Fantastic stuff there TTE! Of course I must give Protium his due for posting the list of gods.
Well done, both of you!

Thump Thump Eyes said...

All thanks must go to Reg for allowing us to see how desperate he is for some logic and reason to enter into his life.

I decided my role was to put teasing pieces of the puzzle in front of his nose in a trail towards the truth.

I feel that he will catch the scent of these curious snippets and chase them down with all the energy he can muster.

Catching on to the truth may put him into a spin for a while, but I'm confident he will realise that he can be a good man without the jeebus role model. Good enough and kind enough to pleasantly start pointing out his newfound facts to his religiously tainted family and friends.

I expect him to do them all a big favour and introduce them to the realities of what religion has done to the world. Explain why it is time to put supernatural ideas aside and shake themselves and wake up to whats really happening in the world.

We've got a lot of work to do Reg, and I want you to pull your finger out and get onto it. Your role if you are man enough to accept it, is to spread the word guessed it...the some digging and let me know what you come up with. If you need any help, let me know, I'll be happy to assist.

From little things, big things grow, isnt that how it goes Reg?
Give your religiously dulled senses the shake up they need and start looking around you!! Reality is pretty scary, are you man enough for it all, or will you keep your righteous cloak wrapped tightly around you in righteous fear of...what exactly?

I suspect that you will eventually come to the conclusion that righteous fear is what drives the religious hatred and cruelty. You'll see the madness derived from that will probably be the end of us all....what a waste because we are a brilliant, courageous and talented bunch of animals with huge potential if only we can escape the cloying, restrictive, choking clutches of allegorical religious dogma.

Protium said...

Thump: You've given me the horn Babe!

Poodles said...

Great. It's funny how so many xtians stop at the bible and don't bother to go further back. And the church leaders teach them that the history before the bible was full of "myths". Oh the irony!

I have an old ring that is an Egyptian Ankh. It's funny how christians don't get where the cross comes from.

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Poodles...yes the xtians and all religions are blind to historical artifacts and what has been discovered about them from the dim dark past beyond the babbling books they covet.

Shame on them I say, and their fake religions!

Pete and Dud crack me up!! :-D