Saturday, March 15, 2008

spring thaw

Can you see the icicle lights still hanging behind the icicles themselves?

Sure was cool to see and only had a moment to stop and snap the pic with my cellphone camera.

Today it's 55*F/15*C in the sun and 20*F/-10*C in the shade.


Protium said...

71 days

Fiery said...

I know, I'm so totally jazzed about it! I seriously can't stop thinking about it and obsessing about little details and big details.

Should I bring just a bit of shampoo and buy more when I get there? I want lots of Aussie t-shirts so how little of my own clothes can I get away with packing? When will I be responsible for lugging my suitcase from one end of customs to the other? What meal should I order for eating on the plane?