Monday, March 17, 2008

late night blog post

Maybe it's because it's 1:16am and I can't get to sleep, but I find myself wanting to heckle my spam mail.

Just the heading and the info. you can see without opening it.

From: realtor
Subject: I want to buy your house
message size: 1k

ummmmmmmm.... here's a thought dipshit. If you are really a realtor and you really want to buy my house (do I own one?) try leading with a name not a job title.

Does anybody know what the hell the point of spam is?

I mean seirously WTF do the people sending this stuff get out of it?

Is there money in spam?

Maybe the boggling of this little conundrum will put me to sleep.

Night all! :)


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Fiery said...

fuck off and die "multifuncional", learn how to spell, and don't ever spam my blog again

Traceytreasure said...

Maybe the out of work telemarketers are making up spam. With the Do Not Call List and all, I bet a lot of them lost their jobs. Just a thought!

Fiery said...

Hi Tracey! And welcome to my blog!

That's a heck of an idea! :D They just can't stop the habit of annoying people so they spam them instead of calling them.


Maybe "multifuncional" is also "realtor" and is ticked that I wouldn't sell him my house or buy his lousy printer. :)

Interesting that a post on spamming attracted a spammer.

Thanks for stopping by! :D

Protium said...

What did the spammer spam about?
I missed it... was it penis size or viagra

Fiery said...

nothing that interesting. moron wanted me to buy a HP printer.

Protium said...

how boring... a bloody printer.

Fiery said...

If it was at least a "what would you do with 6 more inches?" spam I would have had fun with it.

But a printer???

Jam it sideways!