Monday, March 10, 2008

only down under

Aussies. Gotta love 'em. :D

Drugs Kill Fewer People Than Booze and Fags.

If only I was a cartoonist. I would love to draw this one. Damn Fags runnin' around killin' people. It's bad enough they've corrupted Booze but at least Drugs has managed to hold out against the corrupting influence of the Fags.

Makes you wonder about the War on Drugs though doesn't it? Ohhhh ohhhhh!!! I know!!!!! Maybe we should start a War on Fags. Maybe we should outlaw Fags and keep people safe from their vile and disgusting ways.

Wait... Didn't we try that once already? Something called... Prohibition.

Nah. We wouldn't repeat ourselves like that would we? First the War on Booze (mafia) then the War on Drugs (drug czars), the really successful War on Terror (Haliburton), why not a War on Fags. I'll bet that will be at least .001% more effective then the other 3 combined! WOOHOO!!!! More government protection please!


Poodles said...

You should come to Utah and sit in on the legislature for a while, there you will see the war on fags (and booze).

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...


Protium said...


T&A said...

Fags are bad for ya. I know, I couldn't put them down for years! ;)

Poodles said...

T&A we learn something new every day!

T&A said...

Poodles: What's so unusual about having a hard time giving up fags? They are very addictive! :P

Poodles said...

STOP IT! You're making me giggle!

I gave up fags when I left college, but then again I was a theatre major.

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Fags are the hardest thing to give up, I havent won the war yet!

Whats happening in the war on fags in Utah Poodles?

Fiery said...

I'm more than a bit surprised Richard hasn't weighed in yet.

Ayn Rand loved fags and thought it was philosophically profound to have a fag between her lips.

Poodles said...

The Utah legislature tried to shoot down a "domestic partner" registry that SLC has implemented giving "fags" the ability to have the same benefits as every other tax payer.

Richard said...

Fiery baits me in :-D

Rand smoked before evidence for its connection to cancer was known, though some people suspected it. When she was diagnosed with lung cancer (I am not sure what year that was), the connection was more clear. She quit, immediately.

Poods, I was wondering when that pun would appear ;-)

Smoking has very real impact on your ability to breathe when doing cardio exercise. Of course, if you smoked first and then decided to start doing such exercise you would perhaps not grasp how significant the impact is. Though months later you might notice how much more easily you can breathe, especially during exercise.

If one is already cardio fit, and then takes up smoking, it only takes a few days before one can see how debilitating it is.

Smoking does have a positive psychological effect that the Naturopath, to which a friend of mine goes, describes as "grounding". I wonder if the same effect can be obtained by chewing Nicorettes for a good 'hit', or if part of the psychology is in actually lighting up, inhaling, exhaling and then feeling a sort of calming take over.

It is really easy to quit if you don't care about the effects described above. But if you are not that happy, or are stressed, its hard, even if you are working towards a better solution. The time to quit requires a certain change of circumstance and a change of attitude. Committing to exercise at the same time gives you added reason not to resume, because you know it will undo the work (at fitness and health) that you have already done.

[I hope that made sense, I didn't proof read. Sorry.

Richard said...

I just read a smart post on Homeschooling over at The Armchair Intellectual, that I figure Fiery, EvolveIntoBirds, and any other home-schoolers here, might like to examine.

The State is now seeking to move right into your home-school. In fact, even if your kid(s) are in public school, they want to make sure your child is getting an adequate diet!

There is a sense of guilty until you can prove you are innocent, by their standards. Isn't that nice.

Actually, that's how any law that does not have direct victims (and a few that do) work in N. American politics.

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Poodles, Oh, I get it, fags :=/ sorry I was off on another tack....duh! :-D

Fiery said...


I wonder if Sean is the only Aussie who got that in America Fags does not equal cigarettes.


'cause I don't know about y'all but that's been the pun the whole time!!!!!!

Well.... pun or double entendre

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Yeah I got it and know whats what...but I really missed the giggles and laughs, didnt catch on, was thinking of cigs, and being guilty of smoking was only thinking of them, not the its just me being a dolt!! :-D

Fiery said...

not a dolt my dear thump!!!!

Knowing about the American usage of the word "Fag" is a very obscure piece of information. Actually took me several minutes to explain what the hell everyone was banging on about to another dear Aussie friend of ours.

It is such an offensive term for gay people here in America that we had a great time walking up to that line without crossing it and able to claim "plausible deniability" the whole time in really talking about cigarettes.

Until Poodles, in a moment of typical brilliance, absolutely kicked the can over and brought it to a whole new level.

And the whole thing only really worked because none of the commenters here have anything against gay people.

Well... except for Rirchard. But he doesn't want to talk about it. ;)

Thump Thump Eyes said...


Anyways, thanks for that lovely explanation Fiery, I sort of felt it was all about 'fags' but I think I was hankering for a fag at the time and couldnt think of anything else hahahahaha

Fiery said...

well it's no wonder you were hankering for a fag! nothing beats having a fag in hand unless it's a fag in your mouth.


Richard said...

Gosh, I think I've been baited again.

What else can I say about fags? I've never found a brand I really wanted to try, but there are things you can learn about fags even if you don't smok'em yourself.

Some are longer than others. Some last longer than others. Some taste better and can be more rewarding than others. Some people light up at the thought of one. If you haven't smoked one in a while you might choke a bit. If you're not careful your clothes can smell of them. Some can be found just about anywhere, but the really good ones are rather rare. I have one that I keep handy, in case I want to use it. You might not want your lips around one if it has been shared about too much. Of course, some people are always bumming someone else's.

Poodles said...

Richard *cringe*

And the funny thing is I even used the Aussie fags until shortly after college. :)

Works both ways *shit eating grin*.

Fiery said...

*clap clap clap* oh Bravo Richard!!!! Well done!!!!!!!


Seriously, one of your most fun posts to date!

Thanks for letting your playful side come out and play! :D

Johnny said...

I wonder if Sean is the only Aussie who got that in America Fags does not equal cigarettes.

As if, Fiery, we all know down here that a fag is short for faggot which is a bundle of twigs, sticks, or branches bound together. Duh isn't it? and what you do with said sticks in the privacy of your own home is your business!! *snerk*

Fiery said...

So.... Johnny.... what you're saying is that if you rub two fags together they will burst into flame??