Monday, March 17, 2008

Thought it was a deer!

A New Zealander in his mid 50's (name withheld to protect the guilty innocent) took his two teenage daughters' boyfriends deer hunting in the NZ bush country near Napier on the east coast of the North Island.


If your high school sweetheart's daddy offers to take you and his other daughter's boyfriend out into the bush for some "special male bonding time", you might want to rethink your plans for the weekend.

Being the smart folks that you are... I probably don't even need to finish telling you what happened.

Being the blogger that I am, you know I'm going to.

Isn't it great how well we know each other??? :D

So... it's the wee hours of the morning and Dad has gotten everybody up well before the crack of dawn to get out and set up the salt licks for the deer blinded by lust at the start of "the roar".

"Junior! Get your arse into those bushes and see if you can find any evidence of deer in the area."

"Sure Pop! Hyup, hyup. Whatever you say!"

"There's a good lad!"


"One down, one to go. MWAHAHAAHAHAH!!!"


That's right. Dad accipurposely shot and killed boyfriend number one.


Police haven't decided if they are going to press charges.

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