Saturday, March 15, 2008

a proposal gone awry

Lefkos Hajji, a London floor fitter, wanted to propose to his girlfriend. He saves up and buys her a $12,000 engagement ring. Holy shit! $12,000!!!!!! TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!! I want to be a floor fitter in London and have $12,000 to buy my girlfriend an engagement ring DAYUM!!!!!!

Ok, that dream obviously has issues, I don't even know how what types of floors require fitters.

Anyway, Lefkos didn't want to do the same ole same ole and just get down on one knee with the velvet covered ring box in hand. Oh no! Nothing that obvious. So...being the clever bloke that he is, Lefkos decided to be creative with the proposal and had the florist hide the engagement ring inside of a helium filled balloon so he could hand her a pin and literally "pop the question".



You don't need me to finish the story for you to know where this goes, right?

Have you ever seen a child leave a restaurant with a free balloon gripped tightly in their hand only to drop it before you even get to the car?

Lefkos cried harder than a toddler as he watched $12,000 fly somewhere over the rainbow, waaaaaaaaaaay up high.


I wonder if he will be nominated for an honorable mention in the Darwin awards since he's never going to get any from Leanne again...ever!


Xavier Onassis said...

Maybe he was thinking the same thing I'm thinking...for $12 thousand friggin dollars that rock should be big enough and have enough gold wrapped around it to weigh down a helium balloon.

Can't believe he dropped 12 large on a ring but couldn't spring 25 cents for one of those little plastic thingys that goes on the bottom of the string to keep the helium balloon from floating away!

What a maroon.

Fiery said...

LOL! I completely agree XO
I have a feeling it was one of those hearty-farty mylar balloons, those big honkin' mamajammas they use and charge $45 for.

What a nincowpoop.

Protium said...

ha ha... "But I had to tell her the story -- she went absolutely mad. Now she is refusing to speak to me until I get her a new ring."

Is he really sure about this bitch...

Fiery said...

Yeah, I was unimpressed with the "I need a new ring" comment as well.

Probably a good match, she's a bitch and he's a fucking moron!