Saturday, March 22, 2008

this is even worse

Torture bothers me.

It's come up on my blog before, I've written about it, and if you've been here long enough, you know. It bothers me. Fictional torture, movie torture, jesus torture, cop torture, military torture, bothers me.

A friend recently sent me an email about the nutters in the Philippines who crucify themselves for easter. That's right, these fundy fuckwits actually reenact the crucifixion complete with the whipping, crown of thorns, and yes, nails pounded through hands and feet. *gack* I responded with an email agreeing that it was awful, but ribbing him for sending me pictures of the REAL thing.

SO why did I just assault your eyes with shit that bothers me so much?

Because today, over on Reed's blog I found something even worse.

I finished watching this clip with a sick stomach, tears in my eyes, and my hand over my mouth.

It is 9 minutes and 21 seconds of two smug cunts torturing young minds and is infinitely more awful then pictures of deluded morons that are rotting up my blog. (By the way, if these idiots can survive it why didn't jesus?)

These morons don't even have their story straight. They don't even know their own lies well enough to pull off a convincing argument to a semi-neutral journalist.

Could you make it through the 9 minutes 21 seconds? Or was it too much for you?

Just caught my own reflection in my laptop and I still have a disgusted look on my face. Wow do I look pissed.

Best log off and think of something pleasant. (Fortunately for me, thank you Protium and Thump! I have something extremely pleasant to think about!!!!!)


Xavier Onassis said...

I mayd it thru thu hole 9 minits but now aye am too stoopid to tipe rite.

eye am goin to start drinking wisky until i get smart somore.

prais little baby jebus. amen

Poodles said...


Fiery said...

XO- I adore your sense of humor!

And I feel like I almost owe you and Poodles an apology for making it all the way through that wretched thing.

I...just kind of figured it was important. Awful. But important. Know your enemey. Then vomit.

doofus said...

So, do those parents have a right to bring those kids there? And do the tour guides have a right to do the tour?

I am guessing that most people here would say yes they do.

But I find it interesting that they would take away the right of the museum to state opposing views and would take away the right of atheists to home school.

Which is what makes the fight so hard.

It is almost like one team playing by the rules while the other team cheats and there are no refs to do anything about it.

Fiery said...

and the bad guys expect the good guys to continue to continue to play by the rules, even while they lay waste to reason and logic and make up their own rules as they go along.

Did the little children chanting in unison turn your stomach as well?

Anonymous said...

That video made me sad.
I really enjoyed the part when the tour leader totally evaded the dinosaurs and humans not being in one layer issue.

As for the adoptive mom is one. What people don't understand is that much of the population there is very isolated from one another and there is a lot of superstition that is still a very pervasive part of their culture. My mom has been here for 50 years and she will still watch footage of those "penitants" and weep as she crosses herself in envy.

Fiery said...

Hello LaLibertina, glad to have you here! Hope things are well with you.

How about the creationist math? :) or the dodge "Well, yes, that's a problem for creationists". But no response to the problem forh coming.

Fiery said...

As for your adoptive mother. Oh my. That is... sad that she considers the "penitents" to be somebody to envy. :(

doofus said...

In answer to your question, Fiery, I found my reaction to be divided.

I was repulsed by the tour leaders and the Nightline show host.

But I thought the kids were adorable. They were trying to give the answers that were obviously wanted, of course. But the kids were actually funny.

Take the one where the tour guides were looking for the answer "circular logic". They asked:"what kind of logic is that?" and one kid answered: "Not very good logic" in a cute sarcastic voice! Cracked me up!

Or the interviews with the kids where they are explaining with full confidence how ridiculous evolution is. They were cute! Obviously the knowledge they are absorbing is horrible but it is so easy for them to re-check their facts when they are older.

Nothing they are taught at this age is permanent. It would be to their advantage to be taught only correct knowledge but it is not life crippling to be taught incorrectly at a young age.

I was taught in a religious school for most of my childhood and though it took me a while I have overcome those beginnings. These kids can too.

Fiery said...

I disagree about the long term effects on religious upbringing. Though I will freely admit they vary significantly from person to person.

Sometimes the patterns and mental habits that get laid down in childhood, particularly the mind destroying religious ones, are very difficult to overcome and change as one matures.

And it is horrifying to see these children put at such a disadvantage: coached into group concensus, non thinking, irrational, Bible is the only source of knowledge. And that their parents have brought them to a tour at a museum, led by people set up as experts who don't even know their own fantasy story (which they call fact) enough to speak intelligibly about it.

T&A said...

3 minutes tops... "We might even say the J word, what's the J word?" (me) Jesus fucking Christ on a popsicle stick, you creationist are idiots!

Fiery said...

T&A... :) Thanks for playing! :) Totally understand about calling it after the "j" word incident. That was particularly nauseating.

It was about at the half way point for me that had me reaching for the mouse to end it. Then it became an issue of iron will determination to watch it and stare it down to the bitter end.

Richard said...

Doofus said, "Nothing they are taught at this age is permanent. It would be to their advantage to be taught only correct knowledge but it is not life crippling to be taught incorrectly at a young age."

Wholly crap, what are you thinking Man? Well-set emotions that one has as a child fuck one's life up again and again. Each time one experiences the circumstances that bring out those childhood responses, when they are incorrect, one screws up the good things in one's life, really! I have seen it, first hand.

End result, one's life is wrecked, because of the A-holes that set the standards in your mind. Impermanent, well yes. But have you any idea how heroic it is to move from that shit and towards the truly heroic. Mel Gibson's characters in his movies show a total whuss by comparison!

Richard said...

Fiery said, and the bad guys expect the good guys to continue to continue to play by the rules

Ayn Rand had a great term for that: "White, black-mail".

Like the Arabs, the criminals count on the honesty and decency, of the good guys, to get off!

You hate to see the Palestinian children starving and bombed? Well that's decent of you! Ignore the RPGs sent to Israel that only killed one adult, and get upset about us Palestinian kids!

We will use your own morality, to get you to do our bidding. Do you think we are wrong? Tough shit, we'll win anyway.

doofus said...


So you are an environment advocate? Their environment programs them so they are affected for the rest of there life?

What about free choice? Do you not believe these children have free will to choose for themselves later in life?

Are they affected because they were programed by a-holes or because they didn't CHOOSE to think for themselves.

You can never avoid the responsibility to think. You can't just blame your childhood environment.