Saturday, March 15, 2008

cats breed laziness

Awwwwww look at my beautiful Neeks.

How can I get anything done when she's sitting on the book I'm in the middle of working with????

Her and her tail wrapped so prettily around her little cat tootsies. She's just the sweetest thing ever!

And I'm back to worshipping the sun again. Oh Sol how I adore basking in your warmth. And sweet Neeks is right there with me, stretched in the warm patches of light coming through our living room window.


* PS- Yes those are christmas mugs on my kitchen table, and no you may NOT raz me about not having the christmas decorations taken down completely, the whole point of this post is Cats = Laziness!!!!!

Here is my son helping hold the tree branches looking for all the world like the most adorable tree top. :) And I'll have you know that pic was taken YONKS ago. Way back on February 26th so nyah! :P



Joe said...

I eat off my Frosty Snowman plates all year, so you're not alone.

Bob said...
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Fiery said...

Yes.... in answer to your question that was is a D&D book. To be precise it is the Advanced Dungesons & Dragons 2nd edition Dungeon Master guide.

My son was sitting at the table writing his spells into his spellbook for his character and I was working up a one player adventure for him. You can also see a card from the "Deck of Encounters" on my notebook as well.

Needless to say with Neko's bottom planted firmly on my book, I wasn't able to get a whole lot done just then.

Poodles said...

Cute cat. Cute son. I finally got my christmas lights off my house about 2 weeks ago, oh and if you want to see misery check out my blog today. GGGRRR!!!