Monday, March 17, 2008

Richard- under alien influence

Richard left a new comment on my blog.

It was... ummmmmm.... very atypical of him.

I am afraid we've been having a deleterious influence on him.

Aunt Kate... if you're still peeking in on my blog, inspite of my occassional use of the "f" word... I feel I must apologize for this dastardly effect on your nephew. It wasn't my intention to contaminate him with worldly thoughts or besmerch his sterling reputation or muddy his pristine vocabulary.



You know.... he even sent me an email today recommending a christian homeschooling blog... to me. Really!!!!! I was shocked.


Fiery said...

and come to read his next comment after the aforementioned and I find out he's having a lousy day.

I wasn't trying to pick on ya Richard, just joshin' ya a bit.

I only tease the ones I care about! :)

*hugs* Hope tomorrow is better and brighter!

Richard said...

I watched The Simpsons for five minutes just NOW.

They were Quakers, sailing on the Mayflower. A big storm is blowing them way off course. Homer is in Stocks for what offense I do not know, but he has a bottle in his hand that just reaches his mouth.

(From memory) Homer insists he can sail the ship and save them the colony,
"After all, I've been driving drunk since I was twelve!

Let me do it, and you
fundies can turn America into a nation of Right Wing religious zealots by the 21st Century." (bolding is mine)


Fiery said...

Ya SEE!!!!!

Oh Richard, ya poor thing! The Simpsons? Oh my!!! Do you know what comes after the descent to watching the Simpsons???? SOUTH PARK!!!!


Whoa unto you Richard, you have crossed over into the darkside.

We welcome you, fellow traveller with open arms and a bottle of your favorite brandy.

Cheers mate! :D

Poodles said...

Welcome to the Dark Side.


"You will respect my authoratay!"