Friday, August 1, 2008

open forum 16

Yep, it's open forum time again. July- OVER! August- HERE! Wow.

Hey and guess what? I'm off to Montana for a week. I will hopefully be attending the annual demolition derby at the County Fair and plan on bringing my camera to get some pics AND some video shots. WOOHOO!!!! There is something exciting about whatching grown men drive around backwards trying to smash the crap out of each other. WOO FRICKIN HOOOOO!!!!!!!! :D

The rest of this post is your chance to ask me a question that may have been niggling in the back of your mind: personal, atheist, homeschooling, whatever you can come up with.

You ask, I'll answer. :D

Ready.... GO!


Half rabbit said...

Demolition derbies, the most worthy cause to donate your old cars to. (long story but I remember one of the organizers stopping us at an old storage lot and bargaining with my Dad for my brothers car to be used in you know what)

Now for questions:

Do you have any silly saying signs in your house, (or non silly) parodying the school system?

What does your house look like?

What do your children look like?

Have you ever had/have any interesting illnesses?

Can you juggle?

How would you rate your hand eye coordination?

Are you planning to drink liquid velvet on this trip and make it one of the trip videos?

Fiery said...

Silly signs I have hanging in my house- "I kiss better than I cook" and "The only thing self-cleaning in this kitchen is my cat!"

If you go to the post called "the Pink Lady" I'm pretty sure you will find a shot of the front of my house. It's a 3 bedroom with an additional room I use for the school room (although my daughter usually does her studying at her bedroom desk). Ith as a screened porch and a beautiful little fenced court yard.

My daughter is a lovely young woman several inches taller than myself and my son is an extremely slim, fit, nice looking lil charmer with big blue eyes.

I had appendicitis 3 seperate times as a child. I was hospitalized twice for it and because the doctor was snow-storm-bound 45 minutes away down a long windy back country highway, I actually still have my appendix. Though I imagine it is a sad sorry little lump of scar tissue. Those nurses pumped my poor lil 12 year ole bum full of penicillin (OUCH!!! OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH OOOWWWIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!) every four hours, round the clock, until my hot appendix sat back down and shut up.

I can't juggle, but I play the flute and in college I learned to play the oboe, clarinet, bassoon and alto saxophone.

My hand eye coordination.... in reference to sports and juggling, probably a very poor average or slightly below average. But my fingers are very sensitive and I love to touch things and I have to see something to remember it, usually by writing it down.

I am definitely planning on having booze several times on this trip. In fact, I will be spending next weekend at a friend's house and she sent me this email in regards to my coming...Yay!! I'm so excited! That works awesome that you're with us on the weekend when we can spend some time with you. I'm stocking up on the mike's hard & bacardi raz & schmirnoff ice!!!! We're gonna have a blast! You just made my day. The bolded bit is 3 different forms of alocho-pop type drinks. I'm hoping to get falling down drunk at least once on the trip (provided we can find a place to stash our kids) and the camera is definitely going along. :D

Though to be perfectly and totally honest, right at this particular instant in time, I'd rather be licking warm velvet to a liquid state. But then.... I'm always like that when I wake up and need more sleep. Or when I've been drinking. Or when I've been.... well....alright ALIRGHT!! It's pretty much always. It's a rare moment when I wouldn't rather be :P-ing.

Thanks for the fabulous questions 1/2Rabbit!!! :D

Half rabbit said...

How tall are you if your daughter is 7 inches taller?

Why do you lick liquid velvet up?

Richard said...

Hey Fiery,

You're right about self-cleaning cats, they even lick their know nether parts.
1a. Can you tell if they have an automatic time delay mechanism, and what that delay is, after a litter box visit? Get out out your timer.
1b. Does the No.1 delay differ from the No.2 delay?

2. Do you enjoy the flute as much as chocolate? Where do you keep your flute —is it abandoned, all tarnished in a bag, or is it nicely embedded in the velvet slots of a flute box?

3. If a velvet bash is to occur, can we expect pictures of the floor, ceiling, and the nether parts of a dining room table, all at dizzying angles?

1/2 Rabbit asks why you would lick up liquid velvet? Hmmm? Clearly, some must have spilled somewhere. I once thought about doing that myself. Half a glass landed in a carpet! But we had only just met, and several other people were with me at the time. It seemed inappropriate for me to bury my nose in the wet carpet. Brandi, the poor man's cognac :)

4. But then, Fiery said licking it to a warm liquid state. Liquid lies between solid and gas. Have they invented powdered bourbon, or is this about chocolate? Darn, I must be getting muddled up.

5. If your Mum & Dad are tech savvy, how do you know they don't read your blog? I bet it keeps Mum up at night!

I have a fridge magnet that says, "Keep your face to the sunshine, then you cannot see the shadows.' Helen Keller" Pretty good for someone who was deaf and blind.

Fiery said...

HalfRabbit- I said Rachel was "several" inches taller. :) I am 5'3.5" tall and she is about 5'6" or 5'7". That .5" is important to me because it took all 4 years of highschool to achieve that growth. lol

My dear Half Rabbit- have you never had any part of yourself described as warm velvet? Perhaps velveted steel? Now imagine said part being licked to a liquid state.

1a)Pussies often prefer their privacy after #1 and #2. It is the rare, nay freak occurance that they will share the aftermath of a #1 or a #2 with you, let alone the main event itself.
1b)I have, however, observed, that if a #2 is still attached to them by a long hair, the butt dragging commences the moment they reach carpet.

2)My flutes (two flutes, 1 piccolo) are all 3 nestled and slotted in velvet lined boxes. They certainly have brought me a great deal of pleasure over the years, particularly when I have an audience. I love performing, especially on my flute. Solo work, duets, ensemble pieces- you name it. I'm there with a smile on my face.

As to chocolate. Chocolate is a solo pursuit. Something to be done alone. Very difficult to share chocolate, at least for me. So my enjoyment of it is quite different. In order to compare them properly, I'd have to say that practicing my flute by myself is NOT as enjoyable as the slow, hot, melting of chocolate on my tongue.

3. I am open to picture requests, but am going to be careful of my camera as I don't want to smash it. That would be an incredible buzz kill. :(

4.You are correct Richard, as per, velvet can achieve a solid state. Quite solid. And after licking, it becomes liquid with the gaseous state being achieved almost simultaneously ushered in with a sigh, panting, or even a loud groan. Velvet is unique that way.

5. LOL!!! My parents are tech savvy within the limited range that they are comfortable. Ordering items on Amazon causes my mother significant stress. Plus, how would she find my blog? What would she google that would bring her here? My name isn't on it, or associated with it. The pictures aren't labeled with anything that would be personally identifiable to me. I have thought that perhaps my brother could stumble upon it, but again... what topic would bring him there????

I have a fridge magnet that says, "I like to give advice to young parents. But Muzzle that screaming brat isn't very well received."

Richard said...

"I like to give advice to young parents. But 'Muzzle that screaming brat' isn't very well received."

Love it.

Poodles said...

Just make sure you have a good "flute" cleaner on hand. Hate for them to get all sticky.

Fiery said...

According to the directions that came in the discreet shipping box, they are best cleaned before and after use with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel.

Half rabbit said...

My dear Half Rabbit- have you never had any part of yourself described as warm velvet? Perhaps velveted steel?

No I haven't. Though something is telling me we aren't talking about Bourbon anymore. (or are we)

Fiery said...

No I haven't. Though something is telling me we aren't talking about Bourbon anymore. (or are we)

Before I can answer that, I need to ask you a question. And...
Ummmm... I'm flinching and prepared to feel like a grade A perv here, but Half Rabbit... how old are you?

Half rabbit said...

Flinch, FLINCH!!

Sorry just had to let my immaturity out. :)

How old do I have to be to get a answer to that question?

Fiery said...


No. Not bourbon, at least not the whole time.

What we have here is failure to communicate. ;)

Sexual innuendo is rife in this post. It comes, it goes. Sometimes it's about sex, sometimes it's about the actual topic being discussed. For example- Richard has plausible deniability about the flute comment, though most likely, he's talking about sex toys. I answered him about actual real live flutes that I own. Poodles flipped it back to sex and I responded in kind, truthfully I might add.

By asking your age it was more about finding out if you were old enough to have had a partner that would have made mention of your softer/harder parts.

I'd hate to be accused of corrupting a minor. Can you say "jail bait"????? KLANG!

Poodles said...

Me sexual innuendos? NEVER!

Poodles said...

Oh and I have used that for my flutes, but I found it dries out some of the flutes depending on what they are made from. I prefer the cleaner I can get at my local music store, it cleans and conditions my flutes. Keeps them making music for a long time.

Fiery said...

Well, I've really only got the one flute (for the moment) and so far it has been working quite well. I will, however, follow the directions for any new type of flute that may or may not be on its way to my door even as I type. >:)

Half rabbit said...

So what or who is this new flute that may or not be coming to your door?

Fiery said...

Whatch out what you ask for Half Rabbit. You just might get it.


Now... about your age!

Half rabbit said...

I might get what?

I'm not a minor as to your last question (though you already blew it by posting all the sexual innuendo things)

Richard said...

Yipes! I go away for a couple of hours & discover I nearly missed a ménage.

"What we have here is failure to communicate.
That's from a Paul Newman movie; a comment by bastard sheriff; said in a loud & aggressive Southern drawl.

"Inna-u-endo"?? Fiery? Poodles? You don't mean...? Do you remember? It was the Italian gay-bar where we met? I think it was their "Extreme Flutist" night. That might be a lɷgical fantacy.

Fiery, what do you mean "Richard has plausible deniɷbility"? I have a flute, I played it for quite a few years, sometimes solo, sometimes in small groups. I always made sure I put it in a velvet lined bɷx, until my brother —the one now in Ecuador— stole it from me. For the record he also stole my 10 speed and my milk crate of LPs. I hope he reads this comment ['re stupid f'ing a__h_le Hasan, née Martin!]

Did someone say "jailbait" ... send me back my flute!

Flutes can get quite drippy wet if played a lɷt, but my music teacher never liked the idea of alcohol wipes. She would just shake it ɷff and wipe it herself. Sometimes she would want me to use it again, right away.

I was about 14 at the time; not a word of lie. I always looked forward to her intensive and exhausting lessɷns, they were really quite draining. The music she wanted me to play always had a powerful rhythm, numerous near-crescendos hinting at was to come, then ending in a crescendo that left me shaking and breathless.

As my conductor, I was always careful to mind her every sign, to be sure I hit the right notes just the way she liked. If I did it right she would say that I really could make music. That made me prɷud.

She insisted that I should practice six days a week. I still try to though if I miss a day or two, I make up by playing for three or four hours non-stop. On those long sessions, flute cleaning becɷmes imperative.

The sound of a doorbell still takes me back to those few minutes of anticipation while I wait as she cɷmes to the door.

Fiery said...

nothin beats a good flute swabbing with a good firm rod. takes care of that wetness right away. dripping moistness seeping

I want all my o's to look like bottoms!!!!!!!!!

Richard said...

Those o's are not bottoms, baby! They are a perspective...ɷ.

Protium said...

Playing flute in Indonesian is suling bambu which is also a slang for "blowjob"...

Richard said...

So, of course, there is always someone who just has to go there; always ready to slip in some naughty thought that makes everyone blush.!!!

I guess I'm a bit late on that point.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard the term warm velvet or velveted steel but I have a fair idea what you are talking about.

methinks you are a very naughty girl fiery.

Fiery said...

Protium- I've heard Jade Flute used exactly like that.

Richard- pot....kettle... kettle... well I'm sure you 2 know each other.

OzA- Ya think???? ;) Some would call that my defining characteristic, another my biggest flaw.

Richard said...

Pot Kettle... Absolutely. We go way back! Frying Pan & Fire too!

Anonymous said...

Is the wax put on the dental floss after it is harvested, or does the wax grow on it naturally during it's growth?

Richard said...

It does not matter where the wax is from, only that it provide adequately lubrication to aid in reaching special spots.

Come to think of it tribog, isn't your question a whole lot like those Blogger profile questions that you dislike?

Fiery said...

Hello Tribog and welcome! :)

I refer you to this post
for my stance on dental floss.

enjoy! ;)