Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy Birthday

Wishing you both all the best life has to offer. :)

to Half Rabbit. Monday, 3rd August

and Oz Atheist. Saturday, 9th August

Wish all us blogger pals could get together for a huge birthday bash. Have a few.... Who am i kidding. Have a LOT! Have each other. ;) WOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! lol

Curse dialup. I can't tell if these are funny. AARRGGGHHH!!!!! 20 minutes and they are only half way through the 1min30second bit. Hopefully one of these is.


Anonymous said...

Hi Fiery, thanks for the birthday wishes.

The first and third video is the same song, just different pictures - very funny though, I'm going to play it on constant loop on Saturday night.

What the heck is wrong with that kid in the second video???

Half rabbit said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes......... download the videos now to watch when I feel better.

Fiery said...

OzA- I rather thought the poor tyke was going to chunder he was so terrified. Poor thing!!!!!

Half Rabbit- Hope you feel better quickly!!!!!!! :)