Wednesday, August 6, 2008

the parade

It was a beautiful day for the parade!!!!!

Montana clouds are fantastic!

Main Street in my home town. Check out the quaint buildings in the background. :)I'm standing across the street from the local newspaper's original office building. It was severely damaged by fire last year and they have since relocated.

Every parade should start with a presentation of the colors.
Ole Glory.

Greyhound Rescue currently has several dogs available for adoption.

Local Dance Hall girls

The Local Politician's wife.

Mama Ewok waves hello to all my blogger friends! :) Behind her is the float we worked so hard on the other day: a magician's hat complete with magician.

A further look up Main Street and a few of the demolition derby cars for tonights smashup! WOOHOO!!!


Traceytreasure said...

Wish I was there! Have some fun for me too!! The derby sounds like a blast! Oh my gosh, I just remembered that I have a friend in Montana that has a derby car. I might have to give them a call and tell them to watch out for a redhead from MN. :) You aren't driving are you?

Poodles said...

I love Montana. Bozeman was one of the funnest towns I have ever been to.

Half rabbit said...

What wonderful photos, wish I was there to see and feel for myself all the wonderful things you've captured on film (o.k. not film but at least a sd card)

It interests me that you linked to the greyhound rescue site. Do you feel sympathy for them/want to adopt one for yourself?

Hope you have fun at the demolition derby and afterwards for the rest of your trip.

P.S. Can't see mama ewok as well as I'd like. Do you have a higher res photo that's a bit lower?

Thump Thump Eyes said...

That was so sweet of Mama Ewok to wave to all of us :)

What a great parade, loved the dance hall girls, what is a 'dance hall' anyway?

Why dont you adopt a greyhound for company and walks, the cats would love it! ;)

Richard said...

Yes, adopt a greyhound; what fun; the kids would likely love it.

This link shows a large brindle female beside a man. Her back is thigh high (~27") and she might weigh about 80lbs.

Usually retired/'rescued' greyhounds are three or more years old. At that age they get quite placid. If they have been treated well they will adjust to home life quite readily, especially if given lots of attention and good exercise.

Dog ownership may be expensive for some (~$1000/yr), though the benefits can be worth it.

Your cats would likely be no problem. I had a brace (pair) of Scottish Deerhounds (about 32", 110 lbs)) and later obtained two lovely calico kittens.

It was not long before the kittens discovered that the deerhounds were warm! Mmmmmm. When the sun was not streaming through a window and warming a carpet, the kittens would be curled up purring against the bellies of the deerhounds.

They soon learned that using their claws while kneading deerhound bellies was not a very good idea. The 'victimized' deerhound would put up with it for while, eyeing the kitten, and then jump up to lie somewhere else.

One kitten found a nipple on the male deerhound and started to try and suckle. Well its teeth were plenty well enough developed, thank-you. Poor sleeping Brady yelped and pronked straight off his bed, like a gazelle. Including that event, the worst that ever happened was a kitten would get knocked over, and lose its warm bed partner.

Fiery said...

Tracey- the derby was absolutely fantastic. I've got heaps of pics to post and 5 video that I'm going to have to try to figure out how to upload to you tube. Hopefully later tonight? maybe.

Poodles- Montana is a great place to visit. :D My parents both graduated college in Bozeman along with my younger brother. :D

Half Rabbit- seeing and feeling is half the fun! The rest being smelling and tasting. :D

I think the greyhound rescue is a fantastic service. Humans raise the greyhounds to race, get a few seasons out of them and then no longer interested in them. what a shame!

I don't think a big dog would fit into my house. We almost acquired a little wee llasa apso last month. The trick is that the pets, all 3, will have to travel with me and right now, the 2 cats are pushing it. I can't imagine throwing a dog into the mix. I think it might put my parents off.

I can email you a better pic of mum, but I'm not posting one. No sense outing us.

Fiery said...

The dance hall girls are a performing group that perform during Pioneer Days at a local variety talent show they have each year. Their schtick is to perform as dirty 30's dancing women of the night. Think Los Vegas.... oh shoot, I can't think of their name. Those high stepping girls that kick in unison. THAT, but not nearly that high of calibre. Still talented though.

Richard- my cats are very particular about who they like and don't like. introducing a dog to them will be tricky, not to mention the aforementioned travel difficulties. Still.... having a dog has a certain appeal.

Richard said...

LOL, every cats-only owner thinks, (place nose at highest altitude possible): "my cats are very particular"! That is inherent in being a cats-only owner.

Warning; scornful but minor rant ahead (none of which is aimed at Fiery. The 'you' is a non-specific plural pronoun)...

Cats will adjust to dogs just fine, but one does have to help them do it. (I can explain how if asked, but no need to here.)

As for space in your home, and overall effort, a greyhound is a thousand times better than any breed whose back is lower than your kneecap. I call the latter "KikDogs".

KikDogs are rarely properly trained, because the owner figured, "I know, I'll get a little dog and it won't need much exercise and won't take up much space." (Sound familiar?)

Then they treat their KikDog like a cat, and wonder why it is a barking, nippy, underfoot, shits-on-the-carpet- when-it-doesn't-get-its-way, 'companion'.

Never ever, ever, get any KikDog second-hand unless you know how to do a lot of work to rehabilitate it. Buy lottery tickets instead.

A greyhound of 3+ years is better than a 10 year old boy. Sure it needs some exercise (but so do you, right?), but with conscientious treatment and a little consistent training (which it may already have) it listens better, stays quietly out of the way, and responds really well to loving care. Few ten year old boys fit that full description. You will have a regal being quietly pleased to be with you, who almost floats from room to room, instead of an impudent little brat that paws at your knees, screams (or bites you) and blames you when when it sticks its toes under your foot.

To all KikDog owners reading this, I only apologize to the single one of you who may actually have a small dog that is as well-trained and well-behaved as a well-trained and well-behaved large breed. If that is you, then this comment does not apply, however...

I am absolutely certain that a majority of KikDog owners merely believe they have such an animal, but are seriously non-objective (i.e. delusional). So far I have only met one well-trained, well-behaved KikDog in fifty years. I watch dozens come and go from the leash free park I visit. Some are nice little guys, and some are horrendous, but well-trained and well-behaved? Phooey!

End Rant. Amen!

Half rabbit said...

Fiery? If you did get a dog, what breed would you prefer the most?

P.S. I'm sure your parents would love a dog visiting them with you. You would just have to watch out that they didn't try to get slave labor out of it. (Look at what they've done to you while you're there ;))

Anonymous said...

Do you grow dental floss?

Richard said...

Dental Floss?

Doesn't that depend on what kind of underwear she prefers? Thongs are hot, but they should be a surprise not an advertisement. :-Þ

Fiery said...

Yes, doesn't everybody?