Wednesday, August 20, 2008

They're Baaaack

Back in October, I was driving by the Planned Parenthood office in Fargo, ND and noticed the "Pray to End Abortion" campaign in full bloom. For my readers who've been around a few seasons, I'll bet they will remember the Boogers, Seeds, and Possibilities post.

The newest campaign started with one college guy who would sit in front of the clinic with his rosary beeds. Several days later, he was joined by a college girl. Then the other day, I was driving by at 5pm and saw a lady walking away from the clinic wearing a sandwich board sign with "ABORTION IS HOMICIDE" written above the ubiquitous full color larger than life size fetus in utero. Apparently she felt she had done her christian duty for the day and was ready to head home.

This is there newest campaign.

The irony is that holding that particular banner in that particular place IS a crime... of a philosophical nature. It's not LEGALLY wrong. But it is MORALLY wrong to condemn all abortions. I wish I could photoshop his shirt to read "Pro Uterine Slavery".


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on that.

So many are caught in a life they don't want before they even know it, with this ridiculous idea that life will be wonderful due to a baby, or that they are pregnant, so they will have it and it will all work out, even though they don't really want it.

I hate the idea of having children being 'cared for' by parents who are not interested in children, or who are in a loveless marriage, experiencing emotional abandonment (or worse) from two parents who don't love each other or want to work together as a child rearing team.

Dawn said...

Oh my goodness. If I saw that I would have the hardest time keeping myself from ripping that tape out of their hands and berating them.

Fiery said...

Tribog- They protest abortion, but where are they when the woman who chooses to keep her child begins to struggle with the fact that children are for always and get more challenging by the day, rather than less. No where to be found.

Dawn- welcome! :) I got so woundup by their presence there that I nearly ran the stoplight at the end of the block thinking of how much I wanted to talk to them about their "stance". See how throughly they had thought things through.

Or if it was just a matter of "slicing and dicing a baby is wrong".


Traceytreasure said...

We carry guns here. They wouldn't dare mess with our Planned Parenthood. 'Nuff said!!

Fiery said...

SSSsssshhhhhhh!!!! Don't say that!!!! Our Aussie friends don't understand about gun ownership. You'll scare them!!!

IxNay on the Unsgay.

Hang on!!!!
Nix the Guns translates as Ixnay the Unsgay???? WTF??????


Traceytreasure said...

Sorry! I had no idea!!

Traceytreasure said...

(whispering) Whatever you do, don't tell them about John Wayne and the Wild Wild West! ;)


Richard said...

"rosary beeds"???
Ha ha ha ha ha ha
Isn't Beeds a town in India?

Wasn't it rosary beads that began a certain trend, subsequently improved upon by the sex industry? Oh, the irreverence, snerk!

Richard said...

An F.Y.I.

There is quite a discussion on abortion, with some darn good points made, over at Noodlefood.

It begins with a discussion of the absurdity of immortality, and then someone named Jean, or Dave or something, starts up a discussion on abortion at comment #15. I believe there are quite a few ideas on the issue that have not been made here on Fiery's blog. I have added some comments too.

Typical of the anti-abortion crowd, Jean ignores the more irrefutable arguments while making a lot of noise about details. Some here at Fiery's blog might find the read to be worthwhile.