Thursday, August 28, 2008

A tribute to Joe

Joe often claims to have been dropped on a head as a child to explain why he enjoys "politically incorrect" picture jokes. And he offers people who have wrinkly panties THIS blog as an alternative.

So in honor of you Joe....
This one kills me!!!!!!

I fell over laughing when I saw it.


Thanks for sending it to me Brotium!


Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

I am not laughing...well okay i nearly wet myself.

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Oh dear! what a shocker! the camel toe has nothing on that ;|o

Traceytreasure said...

I'm so glad that's not a picture of me!! Poor gal??


El Chupacabra (Formerly T&A) said...

Yikes! That is frightening!

Fiery said...

Regardless of any glandular issues, addiction to McDonald's, or large bone structure. What she put on her body before going on national television was a CHOICE!!!!!!!

Oi, T&A.... El Chupacabra????? Why a goat sucker. At least post an explanation for the unfortunate transformation. Glad you dropped in!!

Harry Nads said...

Fiery, what's your take on McCain's VP?

I think he hit a home run with that one.

Fiery said...

Oi- politics.

Sarah Palin-

strike 1- head of her high school's Fellowship of Christian Athletes

strike 2- Played flute in a beauty pagaent in which she won Miss Congeniality.

strike 3- she's a politician.


Real issues-

I dunno Harry... All I can do is read the wikipedia article and after about 4 lines my eyes blur and it's all blah blah this and contradictions that. Promoting oil development and inreasing taxes on oil companies.

She's "Pro life" and yet also a member of "Feminists for Life". Don't feminists normally lean pro-choice????

She wants creationism taught in school but religion shouldn't be factor in choosing school board members.

She opposes same sex marriage but has gay friends.

Personal verdict based on one wikipedia entry.

Sarah Palin is a politician. She will say whatever it takes to get you to like her and put her in power. She is about to enter the ultimate beauty pagaent.

Sarah Palin is way hotter than Hillary Clinton.

Fiery said...

Or Dick Cheney for that matter.

Poodles said...

My favorite one of the set... WTF? No seriously, what the fuck is that?


Fiery said...

I know!!!!! WTF *WAS* that anyway? My only guess was that it was a demented poodle someone had trained to walk on it's hind legs. Creepy! Poodles walking around ...on hind legs... instead...of.... eeep!!!!!

Ummmmmmm (back pedalling) heh heh....
(looks around nervously for the Hulk)

I'm sure it was a kid. Yeah, that's it, a kid.

Anonymous said...

that is just wrong, wrong, wrong

Poodles said...


Joe said...

My first day back from vacation and what do I see but a shoutout! Whoo hoo, thanks Fiery! And I linked to the post as well.