Sunday, August 3, 2008

the journey

Strange was the weather that greeted us upon our departure. It was almost as if it had snowed.

The cotton trees are in "drift mode". No shivering from this precipitation. I doubt even Johnny would object to this weather.

Might not be too fond of this though.
Storm front, dead ahead.

Neko and Chiana traveled with us.
Chiana is obviously tense from the long trip. ;)

1 mile from my parents house and this is the sight that greets me. lol.
You shall not pass!

It's my cousin's pick-up. He's blocking the road because he is repairing the cattle guard. And well that he did, for I don't imagine my car would have survived a trip into the pit left behind. YIKES! We used the ditch and drove around.

I walked back to take the picture of his truck and on the way there, noticed this in a gopher hole.
Apparently it's Montana's equivalent of the funnel web spider. Dropped a pebble onto the webbing but no spider appeared to investigate. Perhaps it is camera shy.

A lovely sunset to cap off a very pleasant day.


Half rabbit said...

A pebble......... is that some sort of slang for plastic explosive or home made ammonium nitrate bomb. Or did you just drop a tiny smegging rock in there. :)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the spider just thought "there's some crazy red-head dropping boulders on me, ain't no way I'm sticking my head out there!"

Will it be this Saturday (9th Aug) that you will be drinking all those alcopops with your friend? If so have one for me, I'll be having a few wines that night to celebrate my birthday. Then I'll probably have a few more glasses of wine, get pissed and than get all melancholy.

Fiery said...

Half Rabbit- LOL no, no. There's no slang or euphemisms, just a tiny smegging rock drpoped in the web. By accident actually. Whoops. Then I was worried a big harry nangering spider would come rushing out and stab me with his huge biting fangs. *wait with baited breath* Nothing. Pause to wonder why I'm vaguely disappointed. WEIRD!!!!! :)

OzA- Thus far I had a beer the first night, and 2 alcopops tonight. I'm hoping to drink lots Friday night and Saturday may even be out on the town at the bars. WOOHOO!!

Anonymous said...

look out Montana, Fiery's on the loose, lock up your son's. :)

Fiery said...

Aw hey now!!! Don't tell them I'm coming! They'll all run and scatter.

DAMMIT!!!! OzA. This is all your fault! BOOOOOOO!!!!!!