Thursday, August 7, 2008

Demolition Derby

The announcers

The car I was cheering for. Driven by the son of the best mechanic in the area. :)

Cousin Ewok acting as starter and head judge of the contest.

On your marks, get set....

circle jerks


Quality derby action! :)

this will only sting for a moment.

#1 Rule... never hit the driver's door. That's why they are painted white!

The damage that was done.

Auto mechanics is a whole different breed when it's for a demolition derby.

Never give up. Never surrender!!!!!

Had an absolutely smashing good time!!!!!! This is a bit of a rush job because internet access has been severely limited, of poor quality (dialup) and my current o.b.s.e.s.s.i.o.n. has eaten into the time I do spend online.


Anonymous said...

It's like bumper cars but made of awesome!

Fiery said...

YES!!! Yes yes yes yes YES! That's it excatly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Half rabbit said...

Looks like great fun....... especially that car the never gave up, I wonder what state the motor is in now.

I noticed a Canadian flag, any chance Richard was there? :P

Shame there were no related things. Motor bike jumping over cars, monster trucks, cars with weapons. I know it's a small towns but still.... :)

Richard said...

No I could not make it. That was our Prime Minister.

Traceytreasure said...

I nominated you for an award. Please don't hate me!! :) Pick it up on the Dark Side Of The Moon!!

Fiery said...

It was a dead shame that Richard couldn't make it. He would have been quite welcome, though I'm not sure if he could philosophically appreciate 26 grown men smashing the crap out of each other in old cars. On the other hand... maybe he'd understand it more deeply than any of us. :)

Rabbit- :) The car that never gave up came in 3rd, and a well fought competition it was!!!

*blush* Thank you very much Tracey!!!!!

Traceytreasure said...

You are welcome!! You deserve it!! Hugs!! :)

Richard said...

"26 grown men smashing the crap out of each other in old cars"

Sounds like Rugby, played with American Football pads?

Fiery said...

Or Richard could miss the point completely. Demolition Derby is apparently a cultural thing.

Say Richard- first blog THEN drink brandy.

Anonymous said...

So I was totally not paying attention. You got the award again. :-)

Richard said...

Actually, the whole DemoDerby thing puzzles me. What tactics help one win?

One good hit in the radiator and your car is out of the game in the few minutes it would take then engine to overheat and seize up.

Isn't a DemoDerby rather like some twenty guys in a knife fight, with everyone trying to kill everyone else? They all fight each other until one guy is left standing. That same guy could have had a knife stuck in his back at any point and he would have been one of the dead. Too bad, buddy.

Sheesh, that sounds like medieval warfare. However, medieval warriors at least formed two teams so someone might protect your back!

A DemoDerby is not even that civilized. It is unabashed auto-barbarism.



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