Monday, August 4, 2008

Day 3

Yesterday (Day 2) was spent settling in (ok that took no time) and then we....I....


I seem to have slipped into a time vortex. I have no real memory of what I did yesterday morning. Spent all afternoon and evening working on the parade float for the hospital. That was fun. Had two alcopops and used gorilla tape to secure black plastic table cloths to sheep fencing bent into a circle to make it look like a magician's hat.

Ya just can't beat an afternoon like that.

What made the time really fun was exchanging text messages with Half Rabbit. Thanks for keeping a smile on my face! So much so that my cousin asked if I was having text sex, in front of my MOTHER!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!! Nup, not having text sex, but thanks for the suggestion. ;)

Not much going on today. Got 2 loads of laundry thrown through. Playing a bored game.... er.... I mean a BOARD game with the kids.

I'd best find something productive to do. Mom looks askance at a day that doesn't see achievement of some kind.

Get well soon Half Rabbit!!!!


Half rabbit said...

Text sex??, were my philosophical arguments so good as to put an orgiastic look on your face or does your cousin just have a dirty mind?...... which cousin is this?

What board game would that be?

Protium said...

If your bored you could always tell your family you're an atheist :)

Thump Thump Eyes said...

text sex? time vortex? parade float? I thought you went to Montana? Sounds like the gay mardi gras :)

Traceytreasure said...

Thump Thump and Protium made me seriously laugh out loud!! :) It's hard to smile because the Dentist made my right side numb today because I needed a new filling. Thanks for the laughs!!
Gay Mardi Gras.....I might laugh about that all day!! :)
Hope you are settling in okay!! Hugs!!

Fiery said...

HalfRabbit- weeeellllllllll, ya see..... It was really swell gettin' those texts and several were quite amusing and I was definitely grinning.

Apparently, grownups aren't supposed to enjoy texting that much.

first cousin on my father's side. the one that lives down the road.

The board game was Klondike a Wild West version of monopoly. You can buy casinos and go prospecting for gold and in the end, all your property is part of a ghost town and has no value.

Protium- I'd rather have a DIY brazillian using gorilla tape than talk to my parents about atheism.

Thump- It does sound rather gay doesn't it? Nup, just midwestern hicksville.

Tracey- Getting numbed up by the dentist sucks. You have to be so careful not to bite tongue or cheek. hope the novocaine wore off after the pain but before the accidental chomping.

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Glad you got a laugh out of that TT, it will take your mind off your filling :)

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Fiery, midwestern hicksville sounds like great fun to me stuck here at my photos photos!!!!

Traceytreasure said...

You all always make my day!! :)