Monday, February 25, 2008

why do I blog?

The blogosphere is an amazing and wonderful place. Last April I dipped my toes in and I've never looked back.

OzAtheist has tagged me (quite awhile ago now... sorry OzA) to do a "Getting to Know Me" type thread addressing the question "why do you blog?"

One reason I blog is as a means of organizing my thoughts about atheism and what it means to have a rational approach to life. These are the posts that I get the most out of and that seem to garner the biggest response.

My blog has been rather higgldy piggldy with me writing about a wide variety of things that impact my life. In fact, in spite of calling it "Atheist Homeschooler" I rarely write about the secular education of my children.

A second reason I blog is to keep developing my writing skills. I'm one of the many, many people who claim to have "always wanted to be a writer" and this blog is my dip into that pool.

The most important reason I started to blog, though, was to meet people. Being a homeschooling mommy is a lonely sort of thing. At least for me it is. I live in a town of 216 (at least that is what the sign at the city limits says). Of that 216, I visit approximately zero of them on a regular basis. At one point I spent a fair amount of time with my fundy neighbor (Ken) and his cousin (John) playing Skip-Bo. But Ken's unsuccessful attempt to bring me to the loving arms of Jebus put the ole kibosh on that.

I'd have to say that my goal of meeting people has been a brilliant success more so then I ever imagined. I went from having just one friend from high school in my life, to having friends across the country and around the world. I have people who send me the occasional personal email, I've been put on two "forward-to-group" lists, I've found at least 2 who would be an absolute delight to go hell raising with, two people I am closer to than my biological siblings, someone to write poetry with and someone I would emigrate to be with.

If you've ever commented on my blog, then you are a part of the community that has developed here, a part of the ambiance. You are what keeps me writing.

If you are a lurker, then a discreet welcoming wave to those standing at the back and I hope you continue to come back and peek in, knowing that you are always welcome to pop up and throw your 2 cents in.

When I started my blog back in April I never imagined my life would follow the path that it has. My blog has absolutely changed my life and will probably continue to influence the direction it takes.

the blogosphere: a portrait

*hat tip to Richard for sharing this article with this pic in it.


Now to pass the fun on to others....

Rule 1) List three reasons for your blogging.

Rule 2) List the rules.

Rule 3) Tag three others with the thread.

I tag these 3 to answer the question... Why do you blog?
1. Sean
2. EvolveIntoBirds
3. Thump Thump Eyes


Anonymous said...

Lovely post.

I really don't post much about homeschooling either; but, it's great to know there are other atheist homeschoolers out there!

Fiery said...

Well thank ya kindly Lynn! Lovely to see you drop in again! :D

T&A said...

You do it so you can be tagged by me!

Anonymous said...

tagged me (quite awhile ago now... sorry OzA)
hey, no problems.

Good post.
No wonder you like blogging so much - a town of only 216! - do you get lonely sometimes? Or is there a big town nearby? (pardon my ignorance of American geography.)

I'm happy to be part of your community.

Fiery said...

Hey OzA! Fargo, ND is 25 miles away and I get there twice a week at least. Yep it gets lonely. Started to blog to keep from going a bit naf. Coookoo for Coco Puffs.

And I am very happy to have you here as well!!!! :)