Friday, February 1, 2008

open forum 10

Hello! And welcome to the latest open forum!

I love reading blogs where I get a personal feel for the blogger, what they are like as a person (especially when I end up liking who they are as people), what their thoughts are on a variety of issues, that sort of thing.

After awhile of reading said blog, I'm often left with the sense that I've gotten to know the blogger fairly well, but would love to ask them to clarify or explain a particular detail about themselves. Most bloggers don't have email addresses up so you can contact them privately, because, fair enough, some are concerned about getting spammed by fundies or stalked by lunatics. Thus far I've been remarkably free of both.

And in that state of innocence I offer the following...
1- E-mail me directly atheisthomeschooler @ (if you wish to be annonymous, just ask in the email)
2- Post the question right here in the comments section.

It's a bit like truth or dare.

Go on.... I dare ya! :D

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