Sunday, February 17, 2008

3 Cheers for Anheuser Busch

This is the first beer commercial that has ever brought tears to my eyes.

Sometimes it's just nice to have things tug at your heart strings and this one sure did.

*hat tip to Richard for forwarding this to me! Along with a request that he creates a profile so I can, not only link to it, but also enjoy learning a bit more about him.


Jacob said...

Does that ever actually happen?

Fiery said...

But of course!!!! Didn't you watch the clip? They wouldn't just *stage* something like that. This is the US of A!!!!!!



love the new pic!

Fiery said...

Richard forwarded this clip to more than just me and received the following email in reply.


I was on a business trip in Atlanta, Georgia when exactly the same thing happened.

It was quite moving and no one said one word, just applause meant so much. Most of the troops were much younger than I was.