Saturday, February 23, 2008

I need a travel agent!!!!!!

Off to the Land of the Aussies

I've been invited by certain wonderful, charming, utterly delightful and magnificently generous individuals to visit them in the Land Down Under!!!!



*pause for a ecstastic dance*


Proposed itinerary:

leave Tuesday May 27th
in time for the long weekend for Foundation Day (WOOHOOO!!!)
return Thursday June 26th

Most pressing decisions I'm currently working on.
How to get the best deal on tickets. ??? ??? ??? ???

What airlines (if any to avoid)?

Eventually will need tips on
- what kind of carry-on luggage to use
- what to bring
- what not to bring

Let the advice fly!!! Don't hold back! PLEASE!!! :D

And if you or anyone you know is a good travel agent. Could you pass them my email address and I'll get back to them right away!!!!!
atheisthomeschooler at yahoo dot com


Poodles said...

Are you a member of Costco or Sams club? If so you can get discounted travel through either of them. I have a friend who used to be a travel agent, I will talk to her.

Poodles said...

Oh and yea, I'm totally jealous.

Fiery said...

Yes I'm a member of Sam's Club hadn't thought to check with them. Thanks!!!! And any advice your friend has would be welcome. Are there any shady dealers to watch out for? It's hard to tell on the phone, the person seems so nice!!

:) I can understand being jealous. I have trouble believing it myself. :D

Poodles said...

As far as shady dealers, I would always go with the old, if it sounds too good to be true motto. Make sure if you use a travel agency they are licensed and check with the BBB. I would think though you could get a better deal online, I have found going directly to the airlines websites have gotten some great prices too.

And some sites (travelocity maybe) offers pricewatch.

vamp said...

I use to be a travel agent (for 10 years) but int'l travel was not my specialty, it's a whole other ballgame. Try and find someone who only books international, because it's more "involved" than domestic travel.

Got your passport ready?

Fiery said...

Yep passport in hand. :D Thanks for the heads up about the specialization! good to know! :D

Thump Thump Eyes said...

WOOOO HOOOOOO its so exciting, cant wait to show you a good time in our little city, hope it doesnt turn out to have the added extra's that Sean experienced :-/

Fiery said...

Well I'm thining if I don't drink 2.5 litres of Protium's special import German brew I should be alright. :D

I am so excited I'm having trouble sleeping at night!!!!!!


T&A said...

Awesome! Try Air Tahiti-Nui.
My friend Jim has used them a few times to go back to NZ and they're supposed to be reasonable. The only thing is you have a stop in Tahiti before continuing on to Australia.

Fiery said...

Thanks for the tip T&A!!! I was hoping you'd weigh in. A stop over in Tahiti huh? wicked! :D

I need to get me to LA now. :)