Saturday, February 9, 2008

brrrr it's cold!

How cold is it?

It's so cold that....

Neko has tipped over my bedside light and is warming her nose near the bulb.


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine being that cold, I think the coldest it's been where I live is about +2C (+35.6F). The last time I saw snow was about 15 years ago, when I was younger and fitter and used to go skiing at Mt Kosciuszko.

The wife thinks it's cold when it drops below +20C (+68F). hee hee

Poodles said...

I can sympathize. Yesterday here it was a balmy 46 degrees. Today it is supposed to snow again.

Fiery said...

Hey OzA! :) I love +20C/+68F cool enough you can throw a long sleeved shirt on, but if you're active, you really only need a t-shirt and jeans. The very BEST temperature. :D

Summer Squirrel, FCD said...

I don't know how you do it. I can not stand the cold. It's 63 degrees here in Houston. We had a small hail storm earlier in the day. Typical for this time of year...

T&A said...

It's been a real bitch! Not quite as cold here, but still it's the worst winter I've seen in my 10 years here in Chicago!
Stay warm!

Fiery said...

I prefer the cold to the heat.

It's 5*F and the wind chill is bitter. Walking less than 20 yards to my car and my fingers are icy cold, cold enough to turn the nails and knuckles purple.

Yet I would rather that than 100*F/30*C weather any day!!!!!

Plus, the snow is gorgeously fluffy. It's absolutely gorgeous!

Richard said...

I too prefer the cold. Over 75F is HOT. We had -2F two nights ago. It's so much nicer when the daytime highs are below 30F.

At those below freezing temperatures, slush leaves the salty roads, but the snow everywhere else stays nice and looks clean and bright. Less dirt is tracked into the house (by people and dogs) too.

Below 25F the air is dryer and it actually is more comfortable than a damp cold at 36F.

We have had more snow this winter, already, than in the last two winters combined. Another 8" is expected by tomorrow.

With four snow tires driving on dry snow is not a problem. (Two snow tires can be worse than four all-season tires, because the car is more likely to spin.)

I often put two or three 20 Kg (45 lb bags of water softener salt over the rear axles —never near the bumper in a trunk, because that takes weight off the front wheels.

The better traction (in all directions) is very noticeable. Yet so many people wonder why I bomb past them —I get honks and the finger from them. Then I watch them spin and slide because they were not paying attention :-P.

People driving straight lines at 30 mph even manage to lose control! I can only think they must not grasp that they should accelerate, brake and turn as one would when running on bare, smooth ice. One must accelerate gingerly, anticipate stopping way ahead of time, and decelerate gingerly too.

If conditions are really bad I turn off the radio and slow the defroster fan so I can hear the engine and wheel sounds. They provide feedback on how good your traction is because you can hear the sounds of a spinning or slipping tire. Once I 'get it' the radio goes back on and I carry on accordingly.

With that kind of caution, I have traveled at 55-60 mph on six inches or more of ridgy road snow for long road trips (three to five hours). Such driving is certainly more tiring, because of the degree of alertness required. But he biggest problem is drivers doing 40-45 mph because they are just fast enough to be hard to pass. The worst are those who want to 'police' others by speeding up to block an attempt to pass.

Poodles said...

A few years ago the hulk and I were going to Vegas in April. We were in our truck and we were getting close to the mountains outside Beaver. I saw the squall line coming a few miles ahead. I said to the hulk, "that one has snow, this could get ugly". I slowed down quite a bit. A BMW SUV with California plates sped by us. I knew they were going way too fast for what they were getting into, instant snow on oily winding roads. A couple of miles later, sure enough there was the BMW topside down in the median. Enough people were stopped helping them and they were all getting out of the car that we kept going so we didn't hold up traffic more than was happening. I couldn't help a self serving shit eating grin.

T&A said...

I also prefer being cold to being hot. As long as you layer up and wear a good coat and a good pair of boots, its not so bad! But when it gets above 85ºf with humidity above 80%, that's when I get cranky! No matter what you do, you can't get comfortable outside! (well at least I can't)

I should rephrase what I said earlier. I meant it's been a REAL Chicago winter, the first I've encountered. I don't mind it so much. After it gets into the sub zero range, I get used to it. Today it's 19ºf and I walked with the dogs without gloves. It just felt so much warmer than -3ºf!

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Here on the bottom of the world we're completely the opposite of course:) no freezing cheeks for us, no....we've got a heatwave!! here's a snippet from the local rag...
"If you’re waiting for relief from the hot weather, you’re likely to be disappointed as Perth looks set to have its longest heatwave in 20 years.

The Bureau of Meteorology says residents are set to swelter with nine days straight of temperatures in the mid to late 30s. A heatwave is when there is three consecutive days over 35C.

Perth temperatures have reached 35C or higher since Sunday and weather experts say there is no reprieve in sight."

Oh yeah, we're sweating, living inside with the aircon mostly.....YAY SUMMER:(