Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Catholic Extinction

Evolution, undisputed by any reputable scientist, is happening right in front of our eyes each and every day. One example of visible evolution is actually going to leave children everywhere just a bit safer tonight.

This just in as cause célèbre ... the Numbers of Catholic nuns, monks declining. WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!

In a single year between 2005 and 2006, the number of men and women belonging to religious orders worldwide fell by 10 per cent to just under 1 million.

Just think, in a few years the threat of Father O'Feely will have utterly disappeared.

In a previous post of mine strawman alert, the following exchange on everyday evolution took place...

Poodles said...
I think Reg might be right... not all mutations are beneficial...look at fundies.
January 26, 2008 10:04 AM

Reg Golb said...
I recognize that as humor. But since you believe you evolved after the fundies, then what does that make you.
January 26, 2008 10:30 AM

Fiery said...
that makes us a step forward

and that makes you,glob,a dinosaur.

Now do the world a favor and go extinct.
January 26, 2008 11:35 AM

Poodles said...
Blog Hi-Five for Fiery!
January 26, 2008 2:33 PM

I wonder if this makes Glob a catholic?

Naaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, that doesn't logically follow. Even if Glob were catholic, my telling him to go extinct wouldn't effect his whole cult. Still, it's a nice thought to start the day.

Buh bye catholics, don't linger too long!


OzAtheist said...

and atheists now outnumber catholics in Australia!

unbeknown to me that you had posted this (apologies, I've been a bit slack getting around to reading all my regulars lately) I posted a similar blog the other day.

Based on recent Australian Bureau of Statistics information the number of catholics has stayed fairly steady, since 1901, but the number of anglicans, and other religious denominations, has dropped markedly.
The two big rises are atheists and muslims.

Johnny said...

Good riddance to the faulty thinkers I say!!

Fiery said...

OzA- that is amazing that atheists outnumber catholics! WOOHOO! Especially since most people on census forms just put down what they were raised as not necessarily what they think as adults.

Bummer about the rise in Muslims. That religion makes me nervous... too easy for it to slip into fanaticism. Too easy for it to become jihad.

Hi Johnny! Nice to see you back again! Missed ya! :)

OzAtheist said...

Fiery, you are so right. The census question quite lends itself to be answered that way.

The next census in Aus is in 2011 and the ABS are currently taking submissions for questions or changes to questions. The Atheist Foundation of Australia and the Secular Party are both submitting suggestions to the religious question.

If you are interested this is the current question.

My suggestion is something like this:
19. Are you religious Yes/NO
19a. If Yes, what religion are you? ....

I suspect less people would just tick the box for the religion they grew up in, but which they don't actually follow.

Fiery said...

OzA That is a GREAT question. Prevents that kneejerk "Oh, I was raised Lutheran". Instead it gets them thinking present tense.

Excellent!!!! :D