Monday, February 4, 2008

the cricket controversy revisited

Guess what? It turns out that
Knob Head and

Monkey Lips

have a history of saying snarky things to each other, but had shaken hands and promised to stop.

Something must have happened to set them against each other after crossing their hearts and hoping to die promising to be friends with hugs and kisses forever and ever so help us jeebus. Something important. Something...worth fighting over.

Picture this.... Knob Head was up to bat, thought the bowler (who was not Monkey Lips) did a great job and patted him on the butt expressing his enthusiasm for a job well done.

Monkey Lips, who was fielding at the time, didn't like seeing his teammate man-handled in this fashion and let fly with a stream of invective.

Knob Head rounds on him and in the course of it calls him a "mother fucker" in his native language of Punjabi. In Punjabi, "mother fucker" sounds a lot like the English word "monkey".

Turns out Monkey Lips doesn't believe in good sportsmanship between opposing players and they definitely shouldn't say anything complimentary to each other.

Knob Head gets a smack on the wrist for using obsence language and Monkey Lips is rebuked for being a jerk.

At least that's my understanding of it. If I got the details wrong, do tell and I'll make a note! :D

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